Why Isn’t ‘The Voice’ on Tonight? When Does the Next New Episode Air?

The Voice doesn’t air tonight, April 23, and while there usually would be an episode on Tuesdays, the show has been switching things up lately. For the month of April, The Voice has only been airing one episode per week on Mondays.

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On Monday, April 29, there will be a new episode as the show heads further into the Playoffs, airing at 8 p.m. Eastern on NBC. However, the next double episode won’t air until May 6 and 7, when the competition goes live. The performances will be in real time, and the stakes will be that much higher for the contestants.

Recently, fan-favorite Bryan Olesen wowed the judges with a “perfect” rendition of Toto’s “Africa.” He received a Playoff Pass earlier in the season, catapulting him straight to the Playoff rounds. He was able to bypass the Knockouts, but now he must prove that he was worth the Pass. Olesen seemed to do that with his recent performance.

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Fan-Favorite Bryan Olesen Amazed the Coaches with Rendition of Toto’s “Africa”

Olesen had his coach, John Legend, shouting his praises as he performed the 1982 hit. He showed off his vocal prowess and skill, which benefitted him as the frontman of his Christian rock band VOTA. Now, though, he proved to the coaches that they made the right decision in choosing him for The Voice.

“It’s compelling. I can’t take my eyes off you,” said Dan Smyers, who also said Olesen seemed more like a guest performer than a contestant. He added, “It’s not just the pink suit. It’s that voice.” Reba McEntire called Olesen “the perfect package,” while Chance the Rapper said he was “100 percent a rock star.”

Legend then had the job of critiquing his team member, beginning by saying, “you just show up here every time and make it feel like we’re at Bryan’s concert.” He added, “You’re such a pro.”

Olesen definitely earned that Playoff Pass, and Legend said as much to his contestant. Fans on Twitter/X were also in agreement, as they commented on the performance on social media. “Bryan Olesen doesn’t need [The Voice],” one person wrote, “The Voice NEEDS Bryan Olesen!!!”

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