Did Loretta Lynn’s Granddaughter Emmy Russell Make the Top 3? ‘American Idol’ Results, Reactions

We’re just a week out from crowning a new winner on American Idol. The top 5 caught a brief break from the competition when they visited Disney World, but the game is back on. All of the finalists will leave Hollywood more seasoned and versatile artists. However, only one will leave with the title. Sadly, two more Idol hopefuls saw their dreams dashed tonight as viewers voted in the top 3. Here’s who is left standing for the May 19 finale.

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Who Made The Top 3 on ‘American Idol?’

The following contestants advanced to the top 3 and will battle it out on finale night:

  • Jack Blocker
  • Abi Carter
  • Will Moseley

Each week has brought a new wave of social media complaints from fans unhappy with the voting results. X/Twitter was singing a different tune tonight. “Best results this season,” one fan wrote. “America got it right tonight.”

Sadly, this spelled the end of the road for Emmy Russell. The granddaughter of the late, great Loretta Lynn overcame nerves and forged her own musical path. Unfortunately, she just fell short of the finale.

Which ‘Idol’ Finalist Are Fans Rooting For?

Each Idol finalist has developed their own following. But only one has emerged as the clear-cut favorite on social media.

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“I would pay BIG money to see Abi Carter sing anything,” one fan wrote on X/Twitter. “Just give her the title already.”

The 21-year-old from Indio, California, dazzled fans and viewers when she auditioned with a mesmerizing cover of Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” Carter’s star has grown brighter each week with electrifying performances of Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life” and Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up.)”

“Give it 5 years and Abi will win a Grammy… she literally has it all,” one awestruck viewer wrote on X/Twitter.

Carter does have all the trappings of an award-winning performer. “Costume, vocals, drama, check,” one American Idol viewer noted on X/Twitter. Even still, she has a wide-eyed innocence about her that seems to endear her even more to fans.

“I used to see these posters of singing shows and pray that one day I would get the opportunity to do something as cool as that,” Carter wrote on Instagram. “My life has finally brought me here. it’s really surreal to see these posters at the happiest place on earth.”

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‘American Idol’ Top 3: Who Was Eliminated? Biggest Snubs and Fan Reactions

‘American Idol’ Top 3: Who Was Eliminated? Biggest Snubs and Fan Reactions