Willie Nelson’s Son Brings Tom Petty “Back to Life” With Re-Imagined “Breakdown” Cover Performance

While known for being the son of country legend Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson paved his own path in the genre with his band Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real. Throughout the band’s time on stage, the group released eight studio albums with numerous singles. Gaining praise for his unique style, Lukas and the band decided to take a hiatus in June. Although the future is uncertain for the group, Lukas continues to entertain with some of his best performances coming from covering songs from other artists like Tom Petty and Neil Young. 

Videos by American Songwriter

Sharing a love for country rock, Petty spent nearly 50 years releasing hit songs like “American Girl”, “Don’t Do Me Like That”, and “The Waiting.” Sadly, in 2017, the singer passed away from a drug overdose. Although struggling with his addiction, it never dimmed the legacy he left behind. And wanting to honor the icon, that same year, Lukas performed at Austin City Limits with a powerful rendition of Petty’s “Breakdown.” 

As one fan claimed, “Lukas brought Tom Petty’s singing and guitar sound back to life!!! Sòoooooo cool and good!!!” That sentiment was shared among listeners, with another stating that “I’m so picky on covers but they hit it out of the park everytime.”

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Channeling Simon & Garfunkel

Gaining high praise from fans, Lukas Nelson didn’t stop there when it came to proving his wide range of music. He also decided to showcase his love for Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. With a long history in music, it might be hard to pick a favorite song from the duo as they pinned songs like “America”, “The Boxer”, and “Mrs. Robinson.” But for Lukas, he set his eyes on the song “The Sound of Silence.” 

Again, fans rushed to the comment section, writing, “At my age, 72, I told my children I didn’t want to live in a world without Willie. Man Lukas you are an amazing musician, I think I might stick around another 70 just to hear your music.” And another person added, “Lukas I’m so glad you younger people get it musically. The future of music is safe with you. You do justice to the past and blow us away with your own stuff. Well done Lukas!!!” 

Lukas Nelson Shares Found Memory Of Neil Young

Although covering numerous hit songs throughout his time in the spotlight, his performance of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” is somewhat special to the singer. He once discussed his love for Young with Rolling Stone. He recalled watching Young perform for his 13th birthday. 

Mesmerized by the performance, Lukas admitted, “Neil was like this psychedelic scarecrow, just lurching around and wielding this crazy feedback. They were just on a train of sound, and they would get in their little huddle and powwow. It was one of those moments where you get memories from the future. It just felt so important and profound and deep.” 

Covering hit songs, taking the stage for his father, and nurturing his own career, Lukas not only proved his talents over the years but his love for the rich history of music and the ones who helped lead the way.

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