Wyatt Flores Tells the Story Behind the Fan-Favorite Song “3/13” from His Latest EP ‘Life Lessons’

Oklahoma-based country singer/songwriter Wyatt Flores released his second EP, Life Lessons earlier this month. The seven-track collection contains songs plucked straight from Flores’ life. However, the track “3/13” sounds a little more autobiographical than others. Earlier today, he took to social media to discuss the story behind the song.

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“3/13” tells the story of an overconfident young man who has had too much to drink. Thinking he has things under control, he gets in his truck to drive home. Then, he flips the truck into a ditch in what could have been a fatal accident. The song stands as more than a story, though. It also includes an apology to an unnamed person who is always his “last call.”

In a short video, Flores explained the track. “This one’s called ‘3/13.’ It’s the backstory behind ‘Ain’t Proud,’ if you’ve heard that song,” she said. He added that he wrote the song with 49 Winchester frontman Isaac Gibson. “This one is kind of in the moment when I flipped the truck. This one’s about drinking and driving. So, if you’re going to do it, don’t. Don’t be an idiot like I was.”

In the description, Flores mentions a song called “Ain’t Proud.” He released the song in May of this year. It gives listeners a look into the life of the musician behind the shows, social media videos, and expertly written songs. “3/13” seems to expand on the opening lines of the previously released song. Now, I ain’t proud of this. / I flipped my truck into a ditch. / And I haven’t slept in a week. / Now my Washburn’s stuck in a creek.

Aside from being a rock-solid story song, “3/13” is a cautionary tale. On the other hand, “Ain’t Proud” is a celebration. However, it’s not a celebration of drinking and driving or other bad decisions. Instead, it’s a song about how happy Flores is to be alive and playing music to crowds across the country despite those decisions. The final lines of the chorus make that clear. All the things I’ve done that I ain’t proud of / Make me damn proud I’m here with you tonight.

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