Wyatt Flores Announces Upcoming EP ‘Half Life’ with New Track “Wish I Could Stay”

Earlier this year, Wyatt Flores took some time off the road to focus on his mental health. He returned with the new track “Devil” on March 6. A few days later, he shared a few photos of him sharing the stage with his dad at a small hometown club. In that tweet, he said he was feeling better. He ended the brief update with “We’re so back.” Yesterday, Flores showed his fans just how true that statement was when he announced his next eight-track EP Half Life and released the new track “Wish I Could Stay.”

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Flores took to social media yesterday (March 22) to announce the EP. Additionally, told his fans about the common thread that holds the eight songs on Half Life together. “These songs come from the heart and capture my perspective at 22 years old of the complexities of relationships and self-discovery and the balance between life and death,” he explained. He also announced that he was releasing a line of Half Life merchandise on his site.

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Fans can pre-order Half Life today. It is available in signed vinyl and CDs. The new EP will hit streaming services and record store shelves on April 19. In the meantime, he gave fans a sample of what’s to come with “Wish I Could Stay.”

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Wyatt Flores Releases “Wish I Could Stay”

Flores shared a snippet of “Wish I Could Stay” on social media earlier this month. In the post, he spoke a little about the song. “It’s a simple song about appreciating the simple moment of life, which is something I’m working on doing more of these days,” he wrote. “This song has taken on a few different meanings for me recently and I hope y’all find something in it for yourselves,” he concluded.

“Wish I Could Stay” tells the story of two young lovers who meet and find an immediate spark. As Flores said in the post, the focus of the song is appreciating the brief time they have together before one of them has to leave. More than that, it’s a song about wanting to stay in that magical moment forever. He reveals the emotional heart of the song in the chorus. Here in your arms. I feel so alive / I’ve never been so scared to die. / But how do I escape / When it’s time to say / I wish I could stay?  

Half Life Tracklist

  1. “Running Out of Time”
  2. “Half Life”
  3. “Wish I Could Stay”
  4. “Milwaukee”
  5. “If I Don’t See You Again”
  6. “I Believe in God”
  7. “How to Save a Life”
  8. “Devil”

Featured Image: YouTube/Wyatt Flores

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