Zach Bryan Teases New ‘Project’ with ‘Belting Bronco’ Sessions

For fans of Zach Bryan and his “The Belting Broncho” song series, the future is looking brighter than ever. While Bryan didn’t give the exact specifics, the artist did share that more installments were on the way.

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The country artist is also looking into a way to package the series for streaming services. Perhaps, this could be a potential album tease? It’s still too early to say, but here’s what we know for sure.

Zach Bryan Hints to New ‘Belting Bronco’ Project

On X (formerly Twitter), Bryan responded to a fan asking about the future state of “The Belting Bronco.” The fan in question wondered if it would be possible to listen to all of the songs on a streaming service like Spotify, Pandora, or even Apple Music.

While Bryan didn’t reveal an exact timeline, he did say such plans are in the works. He tweeted, “Yes! Once we get the next few done, going to release them as a project!”

Previous ‘Belting Bronco’ sessions

“The Belting Bronco” series is an interesting one, like a more artist-authentic version of “Carpool Karaoke.” It features a number of musical guests riding with Bryan on the back of his Ford Bronco. Previous guests included Slade Coulter, Kat Hasty, Abby Peyton, and Tyler Childers.

These artists would perform some of their songs while driving down the Oklahoma countryside. It’s a scene that’s instantly iconic. It remains to be seen what form this project will take, but one that keeps that visual format is probably preferred.

This should be music to fans’ ears. At just six episodes so far, “The Belting Broncho” series hasn’t outstayed its welcome. For fans of the music series, it’s been a hot minute since they last got their fix. Bryan released the last installment back in December 2022, teasing that the series was back. That episode featured a collaboration with Charles Wesley Godwin, singing “Jamie.”

However, it was a short-lived return with no new episodes being produced nearly a year later. These days, Bryan is extremely busy with a self-titled album and nominations at the CMA Awards and the Grammy Awards. But, it doesn’t sound like the project has been completely pushed to the back burner.

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