‘American Idol’ Winner Abi Carter Pleads Fans “Go Easy on Me” as She Belts Out a Flawless Adele Cover

You know you’re a vocal force when American Idol dedicates an entire night to your songs. That’s the case with Adele, who never met a note she couldn’t belt. Since 2006, the 36-year-old British songstress has collected 16 GRAMMY Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, and even an Oscar. Tackling an Adele song in front of a live, televised audience is the perfect way to test an aspiring musician’s mettle. Abi Carter proved she was up to the task with a stunning rendition of Adele’s “Hello.” The Top 7 performance helped pave the way for Carter’s eventual season 22 victory. Recently, the American Idol winner again left fans in awe with her cover of another Adele hit.

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Watch ‘American Idol’ Winner Abi Carter Slay Another Adele Song

In a video posted Sunday (June 16) to Carter’s Instagram account, the 21-year-old from Indio, California accompanies herself on the piano as she sings “Easy On Me.”

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The 2021 chart-topper—from Adele’s fourth studio album 30—sees the hitmaker pleading for forgiveness in the wake of her divorce. Like most Adele discography, “Easy On Me” manages to ache and sizzle at the same time. In Carter’s flawless cover, the American Idol champion adds a vulnerability that is entirely her own.

Recently, Carter has posted a series of covers for her Instagram followers, including Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” and Lady Gaga’s “Shallow.” One fan highlighted the exceptional skill level that these songs require.

“You’re perfectly singing Celine— Celine is perfect!” they wrote. “You’re perfectly singing Adele— Adele is perfect! And I canNOT WAAAIT until people say that about YOU with your songs!! ‘Singing an Abi Carter song isn’t easy because she is PERFECTION!'”

Abi Carter Fans Are Hungry For New Music

Judge Katy Perry repeatedly applied the word “angelic” to Carter’s season 22 performances. It was an apt description, and American Idol viewers ultimately awarded her the $250,000 cash prize and recording contract.

The singer-songwriter has already dropped her first single, “This Isn’t Over.” Now, her Instagram covers have fans clamoring for more original material.

“Beautiful and talented plus — won’t be long until you’re packing out theaters and arenas,” one Instagram user commented.

Another added, simply, “I CANNOT WAIT for your first album. ❣️”

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