‘American Idol’ Winner Abi Carter Powers Through a Difficult Rendition of the “Hardest Song” She Knows

There isn’t much Abi Carter can’t sing. The 21-year-old from Indio, California delivered one flawless performance after another during her American Idol run. After all the votes had been tallied, Carter walked away the winner of season 22. But the singer-songwriter doesn’t seem to have let the victory get to her head. A recent social media post showed her struggling to hit the high notes from the floor.

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“You Can Do Anything”: Abi Carter Impresses ‘American Idol’ Fans

In a video posted Wednesday (June 12) to Carter’s Instagram account, the American Idol champion takes on Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” lying down—literally.

“Someone said it’s hardest to sing while laying down,” Carter writes in the text overlay. “Let’s try to sing the hardest song I can while laying on the floor.”

Celine Dion is undisputedly among the most influential vocalists of the 20th century. The Canadian singer recorded “My Heart Will Go On” in 1997 as the theme for the blockbuster movie Titanic. Bustle said it best in 2017: “This is Celine f***ing Dion and nobody can do what she does musically. “

Except maybe Carter, who never met a note she couldn’t slay on American Idol. “Peep the vein popping out of my neck,” she writes at one point during the video.

Popping veins or no, Carter’s followers were certainly impressed. “Can we get a sitting full version tho?!” one Instagram user wrote.

Another chimed in, “Girl you could sing upside down and it would still sound fantastic!”

“You can do ANYTHING!!!!!” another user agreed. “Sitting, standing, dancing, lying on the floor. ALL flawless.”

Celine Dion Shares Life With Rare Diagnosis

Celine Dion was forced to her Courage World Tour after receiving a diagnosis of Stiff-Person Syndrome (SPS) in December 2022. The “Because You Loved Me” recently opened up about her battle with the rare autoimmune neurological disorder.

[RECENT: Celine Dion Admits She Almost “Died” Due To Stiff Person Syndrome]

The hitmaker revealed during a recent tell-all interview with Today on NBC that the symptoms of SPS feel like “somebody’s strangling you.”

“It feels like if I point my feet, it will stay in [that position], or if I cook, because I love to cook, my fingers, my hands will get in position,” Dion said. “It’s cramping, but it’s like in a position of like you cannot unlock them.”

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