3 Books Every Amy Winehouse Fan Should Read

It’s been over twelve years since the music community mourned the loss of Amy Winehouse, marking the tragic end to a brief but influential career. The English singer/songwriter broke into the mainstream with the release of her 2006 album Back to Black. Producer Mark Ronson helped Winehouse mold a distinctly modern sound infused with jazz and soul elements, driven by her entrancing, raspy vocals. 

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Her rapid rise to fame led to incredible accomplishments, including a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album. However, the scrutiny of the press and pressure to perform only intensified the personal struggles she faced. She died at her London home on July 23, 2011, from an accidental alcohol overdose. She was 27 years old.

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Although the tragic circumstances of her death often overshadow the many facets of her life and career, we’ve curated a list of releases that thoughtfully pay homage to the late talent. From a collection of personal works to a friend’s moving tribute, here are three Amy Winehouse books that every music fan should read:

1. Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black

Released in 2021, this visually captivating read was assembled by Winehouse’s longtime friend and fashion stylist Naomi Parry. Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black offers a colorful and insightful look into what the late talent was really like. From her bold, retro-inspired fashion to her devastatingly raw lyricism, Winehouse gets the spotlight she deserves in this carefully curated release.

2. My Amy: The Life We Shared

Few people can offer insight into Winehouse’s life as intimately as author Tyler James. In My Amy: The Life We Shared, he provides a retrospective on the many years they spent together as closely-knit best friends. It’s a bittersweet reflection on a lasting bond that ended far too soon.

3. In Her Words

This highly anticipated collection of personal writings from Winehouse offers an unfiltered look into her creative mind. In Her Words serves as a curated diary of sorts, combining hand-written lyrics, jotted-down reflections and rarely seen photographs.

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