Ann Wilson: “Heart Will Play Again for Sure”

Heart’s Ann Wilson dropped a bombshell, telling Entertainment Tonight that the legendary rock band she once played in with her sister will one day indeed ride again.

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While the two have differences at the moment regarding who would be their backup band if and when they got back together, the sisters do seem as amicable as ever in recent memory. And Ann thinks that will lead to playing together again soon.

“Yeah, we’re always in talks about that. Right now, we don’t see eye to eye on who would be in the backup band, who would be on stage with us,” said Wilson. “I want these guys and Nancy [Wilson], right? And she’s got a whole other bunch of people out there on the West Coast that she wants, so we’re just working on [it] … but Heart will play again for sure.”

The two wrote hit after hit in the ’70s, with songs like “Barracuda” and “Crazy On You.” More recently, there was a fissure between the sisters after a family squabble turned fairly severe and included claims of abuse. Since then, however, their bonds have re-solidified and there have even been reports about a biopic on the sisters written by Portlandia star and Seater-Kinney frontwoman, Carrie Brownstein.

But in her interview with ET, Ann’s comments come as perhaps the strongest hint that Heart could be back. Will the biopic lead to a tour? Will there be new music?

For her part, Ann has released new songs as of late, including a cover of Queen’s “Love of My Life,” a cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and her own solo single, “Greed.”

Meanwhile, Nancy is also working on her own music, confirmed by a tweet from her collaborator and bass player, Andy Stoller, who wrote, “Making new music @bensmithmusiccompany @nancywilson@sueennis

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