Baby Tate and Saweetie Talk Collaborating on Remix “Hey, Mickey!” 

Baby Tate and Saweetie have joined forces to release a bold and vibrant music video for their remix “Hey, Mickey!” The two previously sat down with ET’s Denny Directo to discuss the female-powered collaboration. 

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The original track was dropped by then-Yung Baby Tate in 2016. Following the release, the upbeat banger got a second chance to reach success on TikTok. While the track received renewed attention on social media, Baby Tate recruited Saweetie to include a spit-fire verse. 

Baby Tate said that it feels “amazing” to see the anthem blowing up on TikTok, with more than 1.6 million individuals using the sound. 

“I feel blessed to have something that I have created just in my room, not even thinking of the possibility. I am super excited, because of the fact that this song is so old,” said Baby Tate on the set of the music video. “I put it out in 2016. So, now for it to have a new life and have Saweetie on it, just means so much to me. I am super excited that the world finally has it, and they can now see this super hot video,” she added. 

The 2023 remix is similar to the original, as it still includes the playful production. However, Saweetie’s verse is a refreshing take on the tongue-twister lyrics. 

Ayy, Mickey maybe I could be your Minnie | I’m about my cheddar but I never been snitchey | Zip them lippy’s, sings Saweetie. Flexin’ all that cash but you acting like a kiddie | This ain’t Disney, real boss bitch, leave a nigga quick | What I look like? I’m too litty. 

Saweetie told ET that teaming up with Baby Tate was a “no-brainer.” 

“Our teams we’re talking, it was kinda like a no-brainer for me,” she said. “She inspires me. I love her looks, her glam, and her nails. So, I am just happy to be here.”

The two prioritized fashion in the video, as it contains four outfit changes in total. They also wanted to display representation since the original video included the colors of the pansexual flag. 

“When I was growing up, I didn’t necessarily have those icons that I could look up to and see myself in,” shared Baby Tate, a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. “So, I want to be that for some young girl, some young person, that just wants to be themselves and wants to love who they love and wants to be who they are. I am going to make sure I am walking the walk, and not just talking the talk.”

In the music video, they follow a handsome man named Mickey to a nightclub just to find out he’s gay. Although Mickey was uninterested in the two girls, they continued to party at the inclusive venue.

“It’s definitely somebody’s story,” uttered Baby Tate with a smile. “This video is actually really funny. I love to do corky stuff in my videos. It always has to have a story. 

“Hey, Mickey!” remix follows Baby Tate’s 2020 EP, After The Rain. Saweetie is gearing up to release her debut album. She has not revealed the official launch date, but said it would include “a lot of songs.” 

Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Audacy

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