5 Best Karaoke Microphones of 2024

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Karaoke bars are the best, whether you're in a private karaoke room or screaming "Mr. Brightside" from the top of your lungs in front of a group of strangers, it's a good time.

If you're thinking of bringing the party home and need a karaoke mic, we've got you covered. We'll include some universal options for karaoke machines and even some great mics if you want to do karaoke James Corden style in the car.

We considered factors like sound quality, connectivity, battery life, and more. We want you to have mics that sound great, are easy to connect via Bluetooth or audio jack, and of course, won't die quickly and ruin the party!

Our top pick is the wireless Bluetooth mic from Bonaok. It's loaded with effects to make singing alone so much more fun and is inexpensive.

These are the best karaoke microphones for you, the family, and anyone you may host soon.

Quick Summary of the Best Karaoke Microphones

  1. BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone (Best Overall Wireless Mic)
  2. TONOR Dynamic Karaoke Machine (Best XLR Mic)
  3. Singing Machine SMM-205 (Best Under $15)
  4. Bietrun UHF Metal Dual Mic System (Best 2-Pack)
  5. Carpool Karaoke The Mic 1.0 (Best for Car Karaoke)

Best Karaoke Microphones

1. Best Overall Wireless Mic – BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

best karaoke mic - bluetooth


  • Mic Type: Dynamic
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth or cable
  • Range: 10m

This popular karaoke microphone has earned nearly 80,000 positive ratings from customers, the Bluetooth mic is a karaoke favorite! This Bonaoak wireless Bluetooth microphone is easy to set up, sounds great, and is pretty affordable.

The wireless karaoke microphone uses Bluetooth connectivity making it easy to move around as you sing. No more cables!

Not only is this 3-in-1 mic a microphone, but it also works as a speaker and recorder. Record with your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-compatible devices.

We love the echo effect, it really changes the ambiance of a room, so if you're looking to create a loud and fun karaoke party at home for friends and family, you're going to love this karaoke microphone.

The wireless karaoke microphone is under $40, which is a steal. It comes with an audio and charging cable.

2. Best XLR Mic – TONOR Dynamic Karaoke Machine

best karaoke mic - dynamic


  • Mic Type: Cardioid dynamic
  • Connectivity: XLR cable
  • Range: N/A

This mic doesn't use Bluetooth connectivity but it's a great XLR mic under $22. It's compatible with karaoke machines, speakers, amps, and mixers. The 5-meter XLR mic is great for many different audio systems.

The karaoke microphone doesn't need batteries, there's an on/off switch for easy control. While the XLR cable may not be the best fit if you're not a fan of wired mics, it's still an amazing karaoke microphone if you're on a budget. It comes with an XLR cable, a foam karaoke microphone cover, and an instruction manual.

We love that this karaoke microphone is made of metal and is resistant to impact. So, whether you're clumsy or it's used by some rowdy friends after a night out, it'll survive a few drops.

It's the perfect budget stage mic, and some have even found success using the karaoke microphone for music production.

3. Best Mic Under $15 for Kids – Singing Machine SMM-205

best karaoke mic - singing machine mic


  • Mic Type: Dynamic
  • Connectivity: 10ft cable
  • Range: N/A

On a tight budget? Consider this karaoke microphone from Singing Machine, the $11 mic features a unidirectional polar pattern, it captures noise from the singer and reduces background noise and feedback.

It is a dynamic karaoke microphone, so whether you're singing chil country tunes or singing your lungs out to some '90s rock songs, this dynamic mic can handle it all. It's a lightweight karaoke microphone, so it's perfect for kiddos as well. Pack it for camping trips or birthday parties.

It's compatible with just about any karaoke system that uses a 3.5mm audio jack.

Singing Machine has been in the business for over 40 years and is a California-based company, so if you value brand reputation as well consider this karaoke microphone.

4. Best 2-Pack Karaoke Microphones – Bietrun UHF Metal Dual Mic System

best karaoke mic


  • Mic Type: Dynamic
  • Connectivity: Wireless mic system (receiver)
  • Range: 160ft

This microphone set is great for duets or for families. The system uses two mics, but each mic operates independently allowing for flexibility.

The mics will run for 3 hours at a time, and you will need to recharge the mic. The batteries are AA which are not included.

The mics are not compatible with Bluetooth speakers or laptops, so keep that in mind. However, it's compatible with so many devices, including the Singing Machine, audio amps, PA systems, mixers, and more.

It uses UHF technology to ensure the mics have better signal transmission and reduced interference. The quality is great, especially for the price. So if you're to get 2 mics for under $60, this is a great pick.

5. Best for Car Karaoke Microphone – Carpool Karaoke The Mic 1.0

best karaoke mic


  • Mic Type: Dynamic
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, FM tuner, or aux
  • Range: 33 feet

Ditch the karaoke machine, if you love to road trip, you're going to love this carpool karaoke microphone. The Bluetooth mic allows for easy connection to your car through the radio, so it'll make for fun entertainment for your passengers.

The carpool karaoke mic can also be used with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, just not the car, however, it's the most convenient option out there for vehicles. You can use it with lots of karaoke apps so it'll be super fun for a karaoke night at home.

The portable microphone has a 6-hour battery life, which is more than enough for car use or for use at home. It does include a USB charging cable, so just be sure to charge it in time before using it.

This is one of those products you didn't know you needed until it creates so many memories. We love using it with our friends, so if you guys love to sing, it'll be perfect for vacations, camping, and more.

Best Karaoke Microphone Buyer's Guide

Choosing your karaoke microphone will ultimately be up to connectivity. Nothing's worse than getting a mic that's not compatible with your karaoke machine.

However, you'll know exactly how to determine if it's compatible with this guide. You'll also want to consider features and durability. Check out our guide below for more tips.

Sound Quality

A karaoke microphone that offers clear, crisp audio reproduction with minimal distortion is key to a good mic. For singing, we recommend a dynamic mic, especially if you've got some powerful vocals. Condenser mics are also great for accurate sound.

Connectivity Options

Bluetooth is so convenient, but karaoke microphones use a standard 3.5mm audio jack. See what works for your setup.

Durability and Build Quality

A karaoke mic with metal construction, reinforced cables, and shock-resistant features will ensure your karaoke mic lasts several years, possibly longer.

Battery Life

For wireless microphones, battery life is important. Check the expected battery life of the microphone and make sure it will last through your karaoke sessions without frequent recharging or battery replacements.

Some models offer rechargeable batteries, which can be more convenient in the long run.

Additional Features

Features make all the difference, especially when you notice many mics are in the same price range. What's making some mics stand out?

That would be features and accessories. Check for echo effects and volume controls, and consider mics that come with cases or stands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the microphone compatible with my karaoke machine or system?

Make sure there's a standard audio jack. Many mics will be compatible with your karaoke system. However, if your system doesn't offer Bluetooth connectivity, don't opt for the wireless Bluetooth mic.

How is the microphone powered?

Some are battery powered and some use USB or direct connection to the karaoke system. Make sure to check the manufacturer's info before purchasing.

What is the microphone’s sensitivity or signal-to-noise ratio?

The sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio of a microphone indicates its ability to capture vocals clearly and minimize background noise. Higher sensitivity and a better signal-to-noise ratio are best for good audio quality.


If you're looking for a mic with good sound quality that you can use with a music app or karaoke app, you're going to love the Carpool Karaoke mic.

Play music and sing along as a passenger for the ultimate road trip. If you're looking for a wired mic, consider the Tonor dynamic karaoke microphone. It's a sturdy microphone and it comes with an audio cable.

If you need two microphones for a great price, consider the set from Bietrun. If you want to host karaoke parties you'll definitely want to make sure you have 2 mics with a decent battery life.

If you're looking for wireless karaoke microphones, the Bonaok wireless microphone and again, Carpool Karaoke wireless microphone is great.

All of these mics are great for a male voice or female voice and have excellent audio quality.

Upgrade your sound game! Explore our top picks for the best wireless microphone for iPhone and amplify your recordings.

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