Blake Shelton Pauses Performance To Call Out Other Country Singers for Concert Antics

Getting his start in country music back in 2001, it only took another four years before Blake Shelton found himself headlining his first tour. While helming a total of ten tours throughout his time in the spotlight, the country star is somewhat of a master of the road. And for those who might believe that singers don’t know what is going on in the crowd, Shelton recently proved that not only does he see what is happening, but he also criticized artists who love to get the crowd to sway their arms from side to side. 

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While performing in Portland, Oregon over the weekend, Shelton decided to pause his concert for a moment and address a part of shows he doesn’t necessarily like. He criticized arm swaying, stating, “Nobody wants to do that ****, man. Nobody in here wants to stand here tonight and go…like we are having a countdown or something. Waving for the Uber, ‘I’m right here.’ Slappin’ the dude next to you.” He didn’t stop there, adding, “ P*rverts are the only people that like that part of the show…because that’s a boob grab right there.”

Blake Shelton Wants Fans To Sing Instead Of Dance

Going beyond just stating his disdain for the trend, he decided to give his audience an example, acting like the “p*rverts” he said liked it. “Ope, just doing what Blake said.” Besides giving a convincing performance, he concluded, “Don’t do that. Anyway…I just feel like if you all want to sing along with me, we can do that anyway. Just do it naturally. That’s what it’s for. And if y’all happen to want to sing along with me, I can teach you some words…”

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Although fans seemed to agree with Shelton, many loved the idea of watching the singer imitate the gesture on stage in front of thousands. Comments included, “I think Blake Shelton needs to have a comedy show too.” Another person added, “Blake Shelton is a comedy show. No wonder he left The Voice…Loving it.” And one comment read, “Blake Shelton is awesome. The Voice is not what it used to be without him.” 

Although currently on his Back To The Honky Tonk Tour, it appears that many fans of The Voice are missing one of their favorite coaches.  

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