Chiefs Coach Reveals How Taylor Swift Won Over the Team Before Fans Ever Saw Her Onscreen

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s love story is a classic. Boy meets girl. Boy invites girl to come watch him in the “big game.” Girl accepts invitation. Cameras follow their every move. Girl wins multiple GRAMMY awards. Boy wins his third Super Bowl.

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The world at large has been obsessed with this story since Sept. 24, 2023, when Swift was spotted in an Arrowhead Stadium skybox cheering on Kelce and his Kansas City Chiefs against the Chicago Bears. 

However, that September evening was far from the Chiefs’ first Swift sighting, a team coach says.

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Taylor Swift Had Secretly Been Supporting Travis Kelce in Private

Kelce has already confessed that he didn’t invite Swift to his game “out of the blue.” The star tight end said during a January interview that the pair had actually spent “close to a month” getting to know one another at that point.

But Kansas City Chiefs defensive backs coach Dave Merritt said during a recent interview that the “Anti-Hero” singer had privately been cheering on Kelce even before then.

“She was coming into the stadiums without people really knowing until the camera put a big spotlight on it,” Merritt said last Friday (Feb. 23) on the “The Sports Shop with Reese and K-Mac” podcast.

Taylor Swift Made Travis Kelce a “Different Man,” Coach Says

Swift’s presence at Arrowhead Stadium became a polarizing topic among NFL fans during the 2023 season. Many accused the Eras Tour artist of somehow “ruining football” merely by watching it.

However, Merritt said, the players and coaches felt quite the contrary, collectively coming to think of her as a “little sister.”

“Everybody was excited that Travis was happy. So, when my player, my brother, is happy beside me that helps me and that encourages me,” Merritt said. “Travis came in there a different man.”

Taylor Swift Made Homemade Pop-Tarts for the Chiefs Offensive Line

Perhaps the Chiefs’ motives weren’t entirely pure, however. Head coach Andy Reid revealed that Kansas City’s most famous fan won over an entire offensive line with her famous baked goods.

“She likes to cook, so she made the offensive linemen these homemade Pop-Tarts,” Reid said during an interview with NBC Sports. “So it was over. She knew right where to go.”

Don’t ask Reid how they tasted, though. His players apparently weren’t in a sharing mood that day.

“She didn’t give me one, and the offensive linemen definitely didn’t give me one,” the head coach said.

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