Dolly Parton Joins TikTok: “I Have Arrived!”

Perhaps it was just a matter of time until the world’s most beloved country star joined its most popular social media platform.

Videos by American Songwriter

But either way, it’s official: Dolly Parton has joined TikTok.

The artist, who just premiered her latest holiday Christmas special, Mountain Magic Christmas, on NBC, has now brought her beloved face (and songs) to the widely-used video platform.

Fans can see her first TikTok HERE.

“I have arrived! #heyitsdolly #dollytok,” Dolly shared in her first post on the platform, followed by another post with the caption, “Better late than never!”

In true Parton fashion, the talented artist makes a stunning entrance, saying, “Hey, TikTok It’s Dolly!” Then many of her biggest moments on stage and screen are shown in a flash of images.

Though Parton hadn’t been on the platform until now, there was apparently a big appetite for the “9 to 5” singer, with some five-billion views of the hashtag #dolly already counted on the platform.

This month, Parton is also the American Songwriter magazine cover artist. In the piece, Parton said that she wants to continue to do good in the world, from her music to her vaunted Imagination Library, which brings books to children. TikTok is just one more way for her to connect to people to do just that.

“I want to be used,” Parton says of her work. “I want to do good things, and if my creativity allows me to do that, if I get an idea for a song that I think might touch somebody, I’ll make myself sit down and write it.” 

She added, “I try to stay soft enough to be able to write a song or to do the things I need to be doing in this world. I always say I can’t harden my heart. I just need to strengthen the muscles around it. There’s nothing wrong with that. You have to to survive. But I just think that people are too hard on themselves and other people right now.” 

Photo: Stacie Huckeba/Butterfly Records LLC

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