Dolly Parton Shares Thoughts on Beyoncé Giving New Life To Hit Song “Jolene” and Potential GRAMMYs Duet

When it comes to country music, there are few who compare to the legacy of Dolly Parton. Besides nurturing a promising career in music, the icon also dominated the silver screen and opened her own theme park. While many singers have gained icon status, Parton used her fame to create a brand and give back to those in need at the same time. Recently, the star watched as her hit song “Jolene” received an upgrade when Beyoncé covered it on her debut country album Cowboy Carter

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Sitting down for an interview with E! News, Parton admitted to being somewhat surprised when Beyoncé decided to not just cover her iconic song but to add her own take to it. “I think it was very bold of her. When they said she was gonna do ‘Jolene,’ I expected it to be my regular one, but it wasn’t. But I love what she did to it. And as a songwriter, you love the fact that people do your songs no matter how they do them.”

Adding how Beyoncé’s version differs from her own, Parton joked, “She wasn’t gonna go beg some other woman like I did. ‘Don’t steal my man.’ [Instead, Beyoncé says] ‘S**t, get out here, b**ch. You ain’t stealin’ mine.’”

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Dolly Parton Hopes To Perform With Beyoncé At GRAMMY Awards

Besides her take on “Jolene”, Parton also took a moment to praise the entire Cowboy Carter album. “I thought she did a great job in country music, and I thought it was great. And I was just happy she did ‘Jolene.’ I, of course, would have loved to have heard how she would have done it in its original way. But of course, you know, it’s Beyoncé. Yeah, her life is different than mine.”

Although a long time away, Parton looked ahead to the GRAMMY Awards and how Cowboy Carter is sure to gain a few awards. When asked if she would be willing to perform on stage with Beyoncé at the Grammys, Parton seemed excited about such an opportunity. “Why of course I would — if I’m available, if I’m not caught up in something I cannot get out of, yeah, that’d be wonderful,” Parton said. “I mean, who wouldn’t wanna sing ‘Jolene’ with Beyoncé?”

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