Fans Are Convinced a Beyonce and Lady Gaga “Telephone” Sequel Is Happening

Swifties aren’t the only fandom prone to conspiracy theories. Just two days after Beyoncé teased new music during Super Bowl LVIII, the Beyhive is abuzz with rumors that the singer has another collaboration with Lady Gaga up her sleeve.

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Here are a few reasons fans believe a sequel to the 2010 Beyoncé-Lady Gaga collab “Telephone” may be getting a sequel soon.

Big Yellow Taxi

Queen Bey brought the Beyhive to its knees when she used Verizon’s Super Bowl ad to hint at the long-anticipated follow-up to her 2022 magnum opus Renaissance.

In the teaser, Beyoncé drives a yellow taxi down a dusty country road. This is undeniably reminiscent of the “Telephone” video, in which Beyoncé bails Gaga out of jail — where she has landed after murdering her (fictional) boyfriend. Next, the two embark on a killing spree of their own, driving around in a red-and-yellow truck nicknamed the “P**** Wagon.”

The video ends with the phrase “to be continued…” although a sequel has yet to come to fruition 14 years later.

Is the yellow taxi a clue that Queen Bey is headed to Mother Monster’s rescue a second time? Some fans think so.

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Beyoncé Announced New Music on Feb. 11: Why Is This Significant?

Beyoncé revealed her new album on Super Bowl Sunday, which just happened to fall on Feb. 11 — the same date that Gaga is booked in jail in the “Telephone” video.

Is Beyoncé’s New Song “Texas Hold ‘Em” a Lady Gaga Reference?

In a nod to her Lone Star roots, Beyoncé’s newest song is called “Texas Hold ‘Em.” However, zealous fans also point out the opening lyric to one of Lady Gaga’s most recognizable songs.

“I wanna hold ’em like they do in Texas please,” Lady Gaga sang on her 2008 smash “Poker Face.”

Meanwhile, some fans truly let their imaginations run wild:

“Hear me out.. Beyoncé’s song is called “Texas hold ‘em” and lady Gaga has a song called “poker face,” one user wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “This is giving ‘Telephone’ era, but what if it’s a prequel to ‘Telephone’ and on Lady Gaga’s next album is the official Sequel? ..”

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