Fans Call for Kelsea Ballerini to Release ‘Come To My Window’ Cover After Epic CMT Music Awards Moment

With a decade in country music, Kelsea Ballerini proved her star power by releasing hot songs like “I Hate Love Songs”, “Hole in the Bottle”, and “Peter Pan”. Releasing a total of four studio albums throughout her time in the spotlight, the country singer received numerous awards for her talent. But on Sunday, she wore a different hat when he hosted the 2024 CMT Music Awards. Having hosted in the past, Ballerini seemed to soak in the night as she rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest stars in music. And to make it even better, she performed a snippet of “Come to My Window” with Melissa Etheridge. 

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During the CMT Music Awards, Ballerini entertained the sea of fans by introducing top acts and sharing space with singers like Jelly Roll. But to the shock of many, she found herself standing beside Etheridge as the two started to sing “Come to My Window”. Without a band behind them or an orchestra of lights, the two singers showcased their talent behind a mic. Looking online, fans loved watching the collaboration, showing the stars with love and praise. But for one fan, they wanted more than a piece of “Come to My Window”. 

Sharing their thoughts online, one fan insisted, “Kelsea Ballerini should record and release Come to My Window. That was really good #CMTAwards.” While the comment gained support, fans might have to wait before Ballerini and Etheridge get together in the studio. But with fans getting a taste, the idea might one day become a reality. 

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Kelsea Ballerini Final Year Hosting The CMT Music Awards

Before taking the stage at the CMT Music Awards, Ballerini discussed hosting the awards with Variety. While enjoying the opportunity, she declared, “It’s my final year, yeah. I’ve hosted or co-hosted this show for four years now, and I’ve gotten to host a lot of different kinds of ventures over the last decade — and I really enjoy it. It was the first thing that I did outside of music really, that allowed me to ask myself the question: What else? Like, what else can I do? And I’m ready to ask myself that question again, and I really want to give myself the space to see what else there is.”

Looking to the future, Ballerini explained how she wanted to collaborate with rising artists. “I’m really creatively fulfilled by the idea of finding a way to get involved with newer artists and find a way to creatively collaborate. And I’m really excited about the idea of doing some stuff in film and TV and just pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Music is always gonna be my baby and my focus and the thing that I protect the most, but in the space around it, I want tio keep growing and I want to keep challenging myself.” 

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for CMT)

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