Former Styx Vocalist Dennis DeYoung Publicly Responds to Recent Statements from Tommy Shaw

In a recent interview, Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw spoke about the legacy and future of the band. During the discussion, he revealed that he let go of his “resentment list.” That list included former vocalist Dennis DeYoung. Last week, DeYoung took to social media to respond to Shaw’s new mindset.

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Styx fired DeYoung in 1999 after the rest of the band decided they could no longer handle his demanding ways. They replaced him with Lawrence Gowan.

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DeYoung took to Facebook to publicly reply to his former bandmate’s interview. “A quarter of a century after the fact, Tommy Shaw has an epiphany,” he began. “In his interview, Tommy raves about ‘The Best of Times’ calling it a ‘brilliant song.’ He goes on to say that they are proud to play it,” he added.

Dennis DeYoung Addresses Former Styx Bandmate on Facebook

“Thanks, T, that’s mighty kind of you,” Dennis DeYoung said, addressing Tommy Shaw. “I sure wish you would have invited me back to sing this one, it is one of my favorites. In case you have forgotten there’s a bunch more that youze guys are playing that I could sing and play as well, like ‘Mr. Roboto.’”

Styx removed “Mr. Roboto” from their setlist for years. Due to fan demand, they’re once again playing it at shows. DeYoung was the creative force behind that song. “I know you have been playing this one as an encore for some time. You also had very kind words for that one calling it a ‘timeless song with an incredible arrangement.’ No need for you to come up with songs about robots when ya got that one in your arsenal, don’t ya know,” DeYoung wrote.

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“It does an old guy’s heart glad to know my ballads and my one foray into techno are still loved by so many fans,” DeYoung continued. “Think of me each night when the audience goes nuts over ‘Roboto’ and when they all get weepy over ‘The Best of Times.’ I know they will ‘cause I’ve seen it myself countless times these past 25 years,” he concluded.

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