Jelly Roll Hesitant to Critique Loretta Lynn’s Granddaughter on ‘American Idol’

While country music promotes big names like Chris Stapleton, Morgan Wallen, and Lainey Wilson, Jelly Roll seemed to take over the genre. Between his power behind a microphone and not afraid to discuss his past, the singer has slowly become one of the biggest names in country music. Besides sharing his voice with the world and winning numerous awards, the singer recently used his talents to help contestants on American Idol. And with one of those contestants, Emmy Russell, coming from country music royalty, Jelly Roll admitted to having a difficult time judging her. 

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With American Idol having a great deal of judging, Jelly Roll shared his concerns on social media. “How am I supposed to judge LORETTA LYNN’S GRANDDAUGHTER!?! She’s up next on idol. Lordy, y’all don’t wanna miss it.”

Although struggling to give criticism, Jelly Roll quickly jumped in when Russell struggled with performance anxiety. With so much on the line, the singer appeared overwhelmed. Knowing that feeling perfectly, Jelly Roll took a glimpse into the future, telling the singer, “Not only do I have a vision of you going into the Top 20, I have a vision of you doing a song where you are walking from one side of the stage to the other with no fear.” 

Jelly Roll Hoped To Bless Contestants On ‘American Idol’

Sharing his thoughts on American Idol, Jelly Roll explained how he wanted to “bless” the contestants. “I came here thinking I was going to bless a bunch of young artists and may I end up getting blessed. I think I come from a place where I spent so long destroying that now I just want to build up. It was so hard to change my life. And everyone of these kids have a chance right now, tonight to change their life if these people out there vote.”

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As for Russell, some fans suggested the only reason she was on the show was due to Loretta Lynn being her grandmother. Judge Luke Bryan chimed in, setting the record straight. “I think if we start sending people through just because they have a connection with any form of music or if there’s somebody famous — if we start sending people through that don’t seem like they’re worthy of it, I think that America will call us out on that. They gotta be talented. They gotta have the goods, and obviously Emmy’s got the goods.”

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