Jon Pardi Reveals Major Weight Loss as He Celebrates 112 Days Sober: “Damn, I Look Good”

For Jon Pardi, 2023 has been a good year as the singer released his holiday album, Merry Christmas From Jon Pardi, and even received an invitation from the Grand Ole Opry. While excited about being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, there was one milestone the country artist celebrated that not only had him feeling better but looking better too. 

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Discussing his success in 2023 on Amazon Music’s Country Heat Weekly podcast, Pardi admitted to his abuse of alcohol and how it got out of hand before he started to notice. While realizing he needed to make a drastic change, the singer announced he was sober for 112 days to hosts Amber Anderson and Kelly Sutton. “I’ve been 112 days sober. I’ve lost a bunch of weight. I was pre-diabetic, and I was just like, ‘I gotta stop.'”

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Besides feeling the effects of the alcohol, Pardi explained how he could see it. “I was really getting to the point where every picture, every video I was so unhappy with myself. And where I was going, I needed to just take a break.”

With over 100 days of sobriety, Pardi admitted that one of the secrets to losing weight is to simply cut out alcohol. “I just did a photo shoot and I was like … ‘Damn, I look good,’ Take that Tito’s! But for anybody that’s thinking about it, if they want to lose weight and you do drink, let me tell you, it does help tremendously if you stop.”

Jon Pardi Enjoys Something A Little Sweeter Than Alcohol

Although Pardi enjoys a few drinks, he noted that alcohol wasn’t his only vice. Besides drinking, it seems the country singer also has somewhat of a sweet tooth. He said, “I love me some ice cream. I’m like, ‘Well, I’m not drinking. I better get this Twix candy ice cream.’ Coffee ice cream. So good.”

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While celebrating his milestone when it comes to drinking, Pardi claimed to be retired from alcohol but shared that he doesn’t know how committed he is to the idea. “I’m retired, OK? Doesn’t mean I can’t come out of retirement. But for right now, it’s been great.”

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