Katy Perry Teases New Song and Details How She Wants To Be Remembered After Death

While spending several years helping American Idol discover the next big singer, Katy Perry decided to leave the show. Sitting alongside Luke Byran and Lionel Richie, the singer cherished every moment on American Idol and decided to leave with a memorable performance. But before becoming a regular on American Idol, Perry was the voice behind hit songs like “Roar”, “Hot N Cold”, and “California Gurls.” Wanting to celebrate the 4th of July, Perry decided to share a stunning photo that paid tribute to another hit song while teasing what the future held for the star. 

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Posting a picture on Instagram, Perry showcased her muscles as she paid tribute to Rosie the Riveter. She captioned the post writing, “BB UR A FIREWORK and speaking of work, WOMAN’S WORLD IS GOING TO WORK IN ONE WEEK HAPPY 4TH 🇺🇸.” Teasing her new song “Woman’s World”, which releases on July 11, it marked the first time the singer recorded new music since her Smile album in 2020. And besides her new song, the singer also paid tribute to her 2010 classic “Firework.” 

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Katy Perry Shares How She Wants To Be Remembered After Death

Back when “Firework” hit the airwaves, Perry discussed her inspiration, explaining, “It’s a song where I think my purpose to some people might change when they hear it.” But that wasn’t all as she also noted how she wanted to be remembered when she died. “Basically I have this very morbid idea . . . when I pass, I want to be put into a firework and shot across the sky over the Santa Barbara Ocean as my last hurrah.” 

Although a little unorthodox, Perry continued, “ “I want to be a firework, both living and dead. My boyfriend showed me a paragraph out of Jack Kerouac’s book ‘On the Road,’ about people that are buzzing and fizzing and full of life and never say a commonplace thing. They shoot across the sky like a firework and make people go, ‘Ahhh.’ I guess that making people go ‘ahhh’ is kind of like my motto.”

With Perry’s post gaining over 700,000 likes, it appears that the singer is on the cusp of yet another hit song.

(Photo by Marc Piasecki/Getty Images for Vogue)

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