KISS’ Paul Stanley Lists His Top 10 Singers of All Time

For those music fans who find themselves on Twitter often, it’s likely they came across a list circulating the social media platform this week that showed a top 10 list of lead singers of all time voted on by Rolling Stone readers.

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Well, as seemingly all lists do, it rubbed some people the wrong way and others took it upon themselves to make their own lists.

One such list rebel was KISS guitar player and singer Paul Stanley, who composed his own list on Twitter that has since been shared hundreds of times.

Wrote Stanley: “The Best Lead Singers Of All Time?? How about 11 off the top of my head… 1)Robert Plant
|2)Steve Marriott
3)Freddie Mercury
4)David Ruffin
5)Rod Stewart
6)Paul Rodgers
7)Janis Joplin
8)Steve Perry
9)Brad Delp 1
0) Brian Johnson
10)Lou Gramm
11) Ann Wilson

The initial list in question was tweeted many times and some, including Spin Doctors frontman Chris Barron, added his own comment. Wrote the popular Caturday celebrity: “Very obvious oversight here.”

And the original grouping listed the following in the Top 10 singers: 1) Robert Plant, 2) Freddie Mercury, 3) Bono, 4) Mick Jagger, 5) Jim Morrison, 6) Roger Daltrey, 7) Eddie Vedder, 8) John Lennon, 9) Chris Cornell, 10) Kurt Cobain

Not listed are Paul McCartney or any women or any people of color, sadly. No Janis Joplin, no Ann Wilson or Stevie Nicks, and no Prince or Gladys Knight, Sly Stone, or Jimi Hendrix.

Wrote Twitter user gwmott, whose bio says he’s the Sustainability editor at Politico: “It looks exactly like you’d expect a ranking you’d expect to see from a poll of Rolling Stone readers. I mean not only does it exclude women and the men of color who were the models for most of the dudes on the list, but it doesn’t even get the ranking of white men right.”

Photo: Kevin Mazur

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