Lars Ulrich Talks Metallica Updates with Howard Stern—“We’re Playing Two Completely Different Shows”

Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich, joined Howard Stern on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show to share updates about the legendary metal band and chit-chat about the hit television show Stranger Things.

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While appearing on the show on Monday (Nov. 28), Ulrich debuted the new Metallica song, “Lux Æterna.”

Ulrich talked about the support his band has gotten from Stern and his co-host Robin Quivers in the past. It’s for that reason, he broke news about the band’s new single and more. “This morning, I want to share a new song with the world and tell everybody about the new Metallica album,” Ulrich said. “We have a new tour, a new song, we have a new video … all the bells and whistles.”

The new Metallica album, 72 Seasons, is a 12-track offering and “over 77 minutes” long. It’s out on April 14, 2023. The band will promote the album with the M72 World Tour, a two-year-long excursion that sees them playing for two nights in every city they pass through.

Said Ulrich, “We’re playing two completely different shows, so you buy one ticket for two shows—a Friday and a Sunday—and you get what’s called a ‘No Repeat Weekend.’ You get two 100-percent completely different and unique shows with no songs repeated.”

Offered Stern, “If you’ve never seen Metallica in concert, then you haven’t lived. I’m telling you, it is one mind-blowing show.”

After talking about the upcoming Metallica tour, Ulrich debuted the band’s new single, “Lux Æterna,” their first in six years.

He said, “There are like 10 people who have heard this song ever.” He added after it was done, “That sounded so great to share with you guys.”

Ulrich also opened up about why Metallica lent their iconic 1986 song “Master of Puppets” to a climactic scene on Stranger Things, saying, “It used to be, with Metallica, we were always the ‘no’ guys. We did a one-eighty. We just said, ‘You know what? This is stupid. Why are we hanging onto these [songs] like they’re so important, like they’re the crown jewels? … Let’s share our music with the world.’

“It was such a mindfuck to see how that became a phenomenon … It was totally unexpected,” Ulrich added. “Who would’ve thought 40 years later that these songs could still have that impact? … We were psyched to be part of it.”

Metallica’s 72 Seasons arrives on April 14. The M72 World Tour kicks off on April 27 in Amsterdam. Get more info HERE.

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Watch the videos below via SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show.

Lars Ulrich Announces Metallica’s New Album, Song, and World Tour

Lars Ulrich on How Metallica’s Collaboration With “Strangers Things” Came to Be

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