Lawsuit Against Country Superstar Jelly Roll Dropped

While finding his way to the top of country music, Jelly Roll once stood behind bars as he continuously found himself on the wrong side of the law. With the singer married and becoming a parent, he changed his life. And when it came to better – it appears Jelly Roll hit the jackpot as he continued to dominate country music with songs like “Need a Favor.” But recently, the country star watched as a wedding band filed a lawsuit against him over his name. Sharing the same name with Jelly Roll, the band filed suit against the singer as they claimed his stardom negatively affected their success. With lawyers involved, it appears the wedding band had a change of heart. 

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Claiming the group used the name Jellyroll since the 1980s, the Philadelphia wedding band filed paperwork in hopes of making Jelly Roll stop using the name. However, according to the band’s frontman Kurt Titchenell, the group decided to drop the lawsuit. Releasing a statement, Titchenell wrote, “We look forward to our continued use of the name, Jellyroll Band, in connection with our party band business.”

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Jelly Roll Continues To Gain Fans As His Stardom Grows

When filing the paperwork, the band explained the negative impact Jelly Roll had on their success. “Prior to the Defendant’s recent rise in notoriety, a search of the name Jellyroll on most search engines, and particularly Google, returned references to the Plaintiff.” The filing added, “18-20 references [to Jelly Roll] before any reference to Plaintiff’s entertainment dance band known as Jellyroll® can be found.”

The lawyers for the Jellyroll band suggested Jelly Roll’s Beautifully Broken Tour would once again hinder the group as the country singer prepared for shows in Philadelphia. Even the singer’s lawyers hoped to discuss the situation with the band, but it seems that opportunity never presented itself as the band dropped the suit, allowing Jelly Roll to continue using the name that has captivated fans and an entire genre over the last few years.

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