Legendary Rockstar in Talks With ‘American Idol’ To Replace Katy Perry, per Rumors

Over the weekend, American Idol welcomed the Top 5 contestants to the highly anticipated Disney Night, which featured covers of songs like “Space Oddity”, “Part of Your World”, and “Born To Be Wild.” While performers like Emmy Russell dazzled on stage, her run on the show ended as she and Triston Harper ended up eliminated. With Abi Carter, Jack Blocker, and Will Moseley looking to become the next American Idol, it appears that the main story of the season is Katy Perry exiting the show. With many wondering who will take her place, rumors suggest the show is eyeing none other than Jon Bon Jovi. 

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Speaking with Life & Style, a source broke the news that American Idol is hoping to add Bon Jovi to their roster. “Jon is the undisputed top contender to succeed Katy.” And apparently, the only hurdle in the way is the amount of money the show is willing to pay the rockstar. An Insider added, “The crux of the matter is money. To secure a true rock icon of his caliber, one must invest accordingly!”

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Lionel Richie & Luke Bryan Want A Say In Next ‘American Idol’ Judge

With Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie continuing with the show, the insider claimed the two singers have no idea who will take over for Perry. “This has been a very stressful time for Luke and Lionel because they’ve been left in the dark about so much — there was even talks that producers were going to start fresh with a whole new lineup and give them the boot. That hasn’t happened, so now the next worry is who will join the show.”

While having no idea who the producers are looking at, one source explained how both Richie and Bryan are feuding over who should take the spot. “It’s turning into a real claw-fest now that Katy’s leaving.” 

Although not confirmed yet, it appears that American Idol continues to focus on the remaining three contestants as they head into the season finale. While Russell ended her run on the show, she seemed in high spirits about what the future had in store for her. Discussing her departure, she said, “I didn’t make Top 3, but that’s a part of—that was God’s plan…Before I got eliminated, I think God told me, he was like, ‘Emmy, you’re not gonna be chosen by America, but I chose you.'”  

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