Liam Gallagher Defends Shorter Show Length: “We’re Not Here To Be F***ing Famous”

In 2022, ex-Stones Roses guitarist John Squire joined former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher onstage for “Champagne Supernova.” That sole encounter grew into a partnership, and the pair dropped their joint collaborative album in March. They have since kicked off a sold-out UK and Ireland tour. Squire and Gallagher have mostly stuck to the basics, limiting their setlist to the collaboration’s 10 tracks. The “Wonderwall” songwriter recently elaborated on that decision in an interview with NME.

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Liam Gallagher Is Glad There’s Only 10 Songs

Not everyone is happy with the setlist. After a March show in Glasgow, Scotland, one Instagram user complained, ““50 minutes for £80. The great rock and roll swindle.”

However, Gallagher is quite happy with the choice to stick to 10 songs, despite revealing they had plenty of leftover material.

“I think when you start doing more songs you take the foot off the gas on certain songs,” said the Brit-pop icon, 51. “Everything went into these 10 songs.”

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In the age of algorithms, many artists adopt a “more is more” approach to album releases. And, according to Gallagher, “Well, they’re just teacher’s f***ing pets, aren’t they?”

“We’re not here to be f***ing famous and try to break into China, go up against f***ing K-pop and that,” the GRAMMY nominee said. “We don’t wanna be f***ing breaking out into too many sweats, you know what I mean? We’re at a certain age now. We don’t wanna look desperate.”

Liam Says There Will Be No Oasis Reunion

Liam rose to Brit-pop prominence as part of Oasis with elder brother/guitarist Noel. The siblings’ fraught relationship led to an abrupt (and very public) split in 2009. Since then, the Manchester rocker has often hinted at a reunion. Even as recently as February, Liam said he could “see it happening” — but only if Noel called him first.

The musician has apparently had a change of heart, however. Former Oasis bassist Andy Bell recently revealed he believed the brothers would reunite — although he admitted, “I don’t think it looks likely right now.”

The “Don’t Look Back in Anger” singer quickly took to X/Twitter to refute Bell’s words. “Andy bell from ride the shoe gazing phenomenon should really not be getting people’s hopes up,” he wrote.

Gallagher added in a later post, “I’ve never mentioned oasis reunion it’s over we must all really move in for our own mental health.”

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