Lorde is the Latest to Speak Out on the ‘Roe v. Wade’ Leak

The leaked Supreme Court decision surrounding Roe v. Wade has got everyone talking, and the latest to speak out is singer/songwriter Lorde. In a brief statement, Lorde expressed her extreme dismay at the idea of the 1973 court case being overturned in the U.S.

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“Like so many of you, I’ve been sickened and heartbroken this week by the news that there are some people who think that our bodies are not our own,” Lorde told her fans at an L.A. show. “And I still don’t have the words to talk about this with you. It’s so big and so heavy. I think it’s OK to freeze for a little bit, you know, and then you re-engage. But, what I’m trying to say is I have some big, heavy shit that I am working through that I am feeling.”

Lorde, whose legal name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, is from New Zealand where abortion is legal.

Before Lorde gave her opinion on the topic, like many other artists, she also spoke to the crowd about the difficulties the pandemic brought on. Getting vulnerable with her fans, she explained her feelings about the past few years. “Part of what I found quite difficult in the last couple of years was when there’s no live music, no parties, no dancing, it’s very hard to access those big emotions that need to come up,” she said. “You know every once in a while, you’re like, ‘There’s something big that I need to bring up and either keep or throw away.’”

Lorde is in the middle of her The Solar Power Tour with upcoming dates in European cities. The tour is a world tour supporting her 2021 Solar Power album release. Check out the remaining The Solar Power Tour dates HERE.

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