Luke Grimes Reveals How Taylor Sheridan Selects Music for ‘Yellowstone’

Yellowstone fans know that the show is popular for more than showcasing the trials and tribulations of the Dutton family and the goings-on on their ranch. The show also packs a great soundtrack full of top-notch country and Americana artists. The show’s cast even includes the likes of Ryan Bingham and Lainey Wilson. Additionally, Luke Grimes had a starring role in the hit series before he decided to venture into country music.

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In a recent interview with Holler, Grimes explained how Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan turned him on to a ton of new music. He also revealed how deep the connection between Sheridan’s writing and the show’s music is.

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Luke Grimes Dishes on the Music of Yellowstone

It turns out that Yellowstone has such a killer soundtrack because Sheridan has great taste in music. “Taylor writes to the music, and he is better versed in country and Americana than just about anybody,” Grimes said. “All the time he’s showing me stuff I haven’t heard yet, and that’s how he writes the show. I think that’s why music is such a big part of the soul of Yellowstone,” he added.

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Grimes isn’t just a star of the show. He also contributed a song to the soundtrack. He hopes that Sheridan will work more of his music into the series before it heads to the train station later this year. “I don’t know if any more of my stuff will be in there,” he said. “The way it worked the first time is I sent him an iPhone work tape of ‘No Horse to Ride,’ and he just said, ‘Hey that’s great!’ Then, all of a sudden, I was getting a call that I needed to sign something because they were going to put it in the show,” he added.

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Then, he talked about how Sheridan selects music for the series. “No one’s going to talk that guy into anything,” Grimes said. “If he likes it, he likes it. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. So, yeah, I hope my music is in the season. I’d love it to be.”

Luke Grime’s self-titled debut album is available to stream everywhere now.

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