Mafe’s Enchanting “Bésame Mucho” Rendition Incites Instant 4-Chair Turn From ‘The Voice’ Coaches

In a pre-released segment from tonight’s episode of The Voice, contestant Mafe earned an instant four chair turn for her beautiful rendition of the classic Spanish language bolero “Bésame Mucho.” The song was originally written in 1932 by Consuelo Velázquez, and was recognized as one of the most important songs in Latin American history.

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Mafe barely got 40 seconds into her audition before she got her first chair turn from Chance. John Legend followed, then Reba McEntire, then Dan + Shay all in sequence. From the sidelines, Mafe’s mother and father looked on, and burst into cheers of excitement when all four coaches turned.

At one point, Mafe went into a soft lower register before the song really kicked it up a notch, and Legend muttered an awed, “Oh my God.” When she concluded her audition, she received a standing ovation from all the coaches.

Mafe then introduced herself to The Voice as a 22-year-old from Miami, Florida. Originally, she is from Venezuela. The coaches then began their complements and their pitches.

“That was such a beautiful performance,” Chance began. “Your vocal talent is extreme, and then all your ranges are so fluid. My job here is just to give you a platform and the space to show who you are.”

The Voice Coaches Make Their Pitches—Who Will Mafe Choose?

“Your vocals touched my heart and soul,” said McEntire. “I think you’re a beautiful woman with a beautiful ability to touch people’s hearts.”

Legend pitched his team next. “That was thrilling, honestly,” he said. “You’re so tasteful, for you to be so young and sound that seasoned, it was magical. You sang it with feeling, with emotion. I’ve collaborated with quite a few Spanish artists … and I just feel like we could have a lot of fun working on music together.”

While Legend gave his spiel about who he’s worked with, Chance seemed a little disappointed, making a face as if he felt he didn’t have a spot in the running to be Mafe’s coach. Although, there was still Dan + Shay to hear from.

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“Music is the Universal Language,” Says Dan, While Chance Comes In With a Surprising Move

Shay opened up with a joke, saying, “Listen, I can’t speak Spanish, I can barely speak English,” earning laughs, “and I couldn’t understand the words but I could understand the emotion that you’re emitting through the song, which is just phenomenally impressing.”

“You’re living proof that music is the universal language,” Dan said then. “I was absolutely blown away, I felt every bit of that performance. One of the greatest singers I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Chance then came back with a surprise move. “I normally would never do this,” he began. “I really, really, really want you on my team, but I think you would do exceptionally well if you were on John’s team.”

The other coaches seemed to suspect reverse psychology or some sort of trick from Chance. Reba McEntire even brought out the cowbell. However, to see who this exceptional singer chooses to be her coach, fans will have to tune in tonight (March 5) at 9 pm on NBC.

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