Neil Young and Crazy Horse Reveal New Album ‘Barn’

Neil Young and Crazy Horse are set to release a new album, Barn (Reprise), out Dec. 10, marking the band’s 40th album and follow up to Colorado in 2019.

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Young revealed the news on his Neil Young Archives site, sharing a digital stream of the track “Song of the Seasons” with subscribers. 

Singing Lookin’ through a wavy glass window / In this old place by the lake… In the colors of the falling leaves / I see that nature makes no mistake, the song is the oldest track on Barn, one Young says he wrote in Canada a year earlier.

Produced by Young and Niko Bolas, “Song of the Seasons” features Young on vocals, guitar, and harmonica, along with Nils Lofgren on accordion and vocals, Billy Talbot on bass and vocals, and Ralph Molina on drums and vocals.

“There was a recording of the song done in my hometown that is the earliest,” said Young. “This is the first one with Crazy Horse. It starts the album.”

Along with Barn, Young recently released the shelved 1975 album Homegrown along with the live albums, Young Shakespeare from 1970 and the Way Down in the Rust Bucket (1990).

Literally working on the album inside his Colorado barn, Young began recording Barn in June of 2021. “We are so happy to be back in the barn, a barn built to replicate the 1850s barn that had collapsed in exactly the same place, high in the mountains of Colorado,” said Young on his site earlier this year. “It’s an exact replica of the original, built with Ponderosa pines by Ted Moews and his great crew of artisans.”

He added, “These are new times, with new songs and feelings after what our world has been through and continues to face. This music we are making for our souls. It’s like fresh water on a desert. Life is going on.”

Barn Track Listing

1. “Song Of The Seasons”

2. “Heading West”

3. “Change Ain’t Never Gonna”

4. “Canerican”

5. “Shape Of You”

6. “They Might Be Lost”

7. “Human Race”

8. “Tumblin’ Thru The Years”

9. “Welcome Back”

10. “Don’t Forget Love”

Photo by Gus Stewart/Redferns

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