Super Group NHC Release New Music Video For Single, “Lazy Eyes”

On Friday (December 10), the world’s newest super rock group, the Los Angeles, California-based NHC, released a new music video for their hit song, “Lazy Eyes.”

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Comprised of the legendary guitarist Dave Navarro, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, and Jane’s Addiction bassist Chris Chaney, NHC has been busy lately, releasing a handful of songs, and now their second major music video.

The band posted about the new video on Instagram, saying, “@nhcmusicofficial Lazy Eyes official video is out now! Directed by @toddnewman at the legendary Troubadour. Link to @youtube for full video in our bio. #yachtgoth #nhc #newvideo ☂️⚓️☂️ #patsmear @laurakmace @misssamanthasidley @bgruska @taylorhawkinsofficial @chrischaneybass @davenavarro

The band, which made their first appearance at the Ohana Fest in September when Eddie Vedder got together a number of his musician friends to fill in for Kings of Leon, which had to bow out of the festival after a family illness, has since gone on to make headlines.

And recently the band was joined on stage at a gig in West Hollywood by Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear.

NHC shared their debut music video for their song “Devil That You Know” last month, which you can read about HERE.

In an interview with Navarro earlier this year, he told American Songwriter about his relationship to learning the guitar by listening to records and his favorite players.

“Those records were my teachers because I didn’t have a guitar teacher, I had those records. For a lot of years, it wasn’t until I got to – my favorite guitar player of all time is David Gilmour, who has a totally different approach. David Gilmour is super melodic, super thought out, and nine times out of ten is playing pretty close to the recorded version in a live setting.

“So, David Gilmour taught me about emotional context and inward reflection coming out of the instrument in a melodic way that isn’t flashy but it’s powerful in terms of its choice of notes and where they land. He’s also the king of playing in a solo—he’ll be playing and literally just stop and wait some breaths and then come back in and wait some breaths, offer little stabs of melodic pieces that create this incredible guitar solo with no sense of urgency. But with a sense of the fact he has all the time in the world to do what he needs to do.”

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