Szlachetka Combines Music, Food and Friendship On New Ditty TV Show “Vinyl Recipes”

Now that musicians and fans are forced to temporarily stay within the confines of their home, the simple pleasure of listening to music while enjoying great food, drink and meaningful conversation in the company of friends is primed for a resurgence, albeit in the 21st century version of a virtual ‘evening out.’

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Vinyl Recipes, hosted by Nashville-based recording artist Matthew Szlachetka, debuts this Saturday April 18, at 10:30 EST and repeats Monday April 20 at 6 pm EST on Ditty TV’s “Americana Connection” show. Vinyl Recipes blends Szlachetka’s love of cooking, cocktails, vinyl albums, live performance with friends and connecting with local communities. The premiere episode features Stuart Mathis, guitarist for Lucinda Williams.

Vinyl Recipes host Matthew Szlachetka and guest Stuart Mathis (Lucinda Williams)

The show harkens back to simpler times when friends would gather round the turntable and immerse themselves in music and conversation. Szlachetka’s easy-going demeanor, musical knowledge and creativity make for an enjoyable deep dive into the creative process.

“The shows’ main focus is to talk about an album that mutually changed my life and the guest’s life,” he says. “This way we talk about the history of the artist, album and any other musicology tidbits we can add. After the meal, the show culminates with us performing a song from the album.”

“The idea is to cook something that either I’m known for, the guest is known for, or we both learn to cook something new together.  This way we can do cool things like incorporate old family recipes, or recipes that are unique for each guests’ area of residence.”

Szlachetka cites Anthony Bourdain as an inspiration, for his love of food but also his fascination with culture.  “He had such curiosity, warmth, humor and humility which made him such a great host and personality. American Pickers is also a great show.  The hosts are both great and have great enthusiasm, humor and curiosity.  I really love how both shows gave viewers so much backstory and history on whatever subjects were being covered.  That’s definitely a model that I’ve tried to do with the album history and musicology that is part of my show.  At the end of the day, I’m a HUGE music geek.”

Szlachetka plans to continue recording his “muscular, melodic and joyous roots-rock” and will debut his latest single “Bullet Through The Wind” on May 8. A full-length release, entitled Young Heart, Old Soul (produced by Grammy winning producer Scott Underwood (Drummer/ founding member of Train), will follow in the fall.

Depending on how long the quarantine rules are in effect, Szlachetka might resort to “outside the box” methods of filming, such as compiling iPhone footage, for future episodes of Vinyl Recipes. “Whatever I can do to stay connected to people and help lift everyone’s spirits is my main focus right now.”

“Once COVID-19 hit we all agreed that now was the perfect time to release Vinyl Recipes as another way to stay connected with everyone.  The over sentiment of the show is friendship and community through the love of food and music.  In essence it’s the “perfect recipe for a great evening!”

Date:  April 18, 2020

Time:  10:30pm EST

Show Title:  “Vinyl Recipes” featured in Ditty TV’s ‘Americana Connection’

**Viewers can watch via Circle Network/ Ditty TV along with these cable providers: WOW!, Comcast/ Xfinity, Optimum by Altice, COX, Mediacom and Charter/ Spectrum…. You can also watch via internet related streaming services such as: Apple TV, ROKU, HULU, TIVO, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast.**

Szlachetka photo credit: Jo Lopez, Vinyl Recipes photo credit: Ditty TV/Matthew Szlachetka

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