The Rolling Stones Gift Fans What They’ve Been Yearning for With First “Emotional Rescue” Performance in 10 Years

When The Rolling Stones announced their farewell tour for 2024, fans speculated what their setlist would look like. In good ol’ Rolling Stones fashion, the band has been inconsistent with their setlist, and it’s worked out in their favor… and in fans’ favor as well.

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On Thursday night, the band decided to whip out an old gem. They performed the 1980 hit “Emotional Rescue” for fans in Foxborough, Massachusets at the Gillette Stadium. 

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It had been over a decade since the band played “Emotional Rescue” live until yesterday night. Upon its release in 1980, the track became a No. 3 hit from the album of the same name, which also topped the charts back in the 1980s.

Before performing the song, frontman Mick Jagger thanked the audience for getting involved in the fan vote.

“More importantly… there’s a presidential election in November; don’t forget to vote in that,” Jagger went on to say. “Don’t take anything for granted!”

The performance was as seamless as you’d expect from the rockers, who have been performing off and on for over 60 years. And according to fans of the band who have been able to catch the Stones live for the farewell Hackney Diamonds Tour, they still have that rock and roll energy that they had when they first formed back in 1962.

Why Hasn’t the Rolling Stones Played “Emotional Rescue” in So Long?

The choice to play “Emotional Rescue” didn’t really come from the band itself. Rather, the Stones hosted a vote for fans to choose a song they’d like to hear at the Stones’ 100th concert at the Gillette Stadium. And picking “Emotional Rescue” was a smart move.

It’s not clear why the band hasn’t played “Emotional Rescue” very often. However, with a discography as large as theirs, some songs tend to slip through the cracks.

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