The Voice: Lila Forde Wows Coaches with “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor—“Everybody Wants to Hear a Lila Record”

On Monday (November 13), contestants on The Voice found themselves battling through the Knockout Rounds in front of iconic coaches like Reba McEntire and John Legend. Even legendary country singer Wynonna Judd was in attendance as a Mega Mentor for the aspiring artists. While the night showcased top talents like Deejay Young, nothing could prepare the judges for Lila Ford and her performance of “Fire and Rain.” Not only did the singer traverse the song gracefully, but Legend took a moment to praise her. 

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Taking A Trip Back To 1970

For any fan of James Taylor, the song “Fire and Rain” comes with a great deal of emotions. First released in 1970, the song was featured on the Sweet Baby James album. Forde took the stage to try and match the tone and style of Taylor. And with the added weight of it being a knockout round, the singer put it all on the line, impressing Legend. After her performance, he explained, “All the coaches are salivating over Lila. Everybody wants to hear a Lila record. She’s so musical, so creative, so artistic. She needs to keep going in this competition.” 

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Lila Forde Receives High Praise

Judd also spoke highly of Forde, describing her voice as “classic”, adding, “I need your voice in my life!” Although other contestants like Stee and Deejay Young showcased their talents, Legend ultimately awarded the round to Ford. And fans seemed to agree with Legend as her performance of “Fire and Rain” hit over 70,000 views online. Fans loved the singer’s style and voice, describing her voice as more than a singer but one of a storyteller. 

While a clear favorite on Team Legend, there is still a way to go for Ford as she hopes to make it to the next round on The Voice. But with Legend behind her and the other coaches wishing she was on their team, it seems Forde’s future in the music industry is entirely in her hands.  

Correction: We inadvertently left the e off of Lila’s last name, spelling it Ford instead of Forde. We have since updated the article with the correct spelling. AS regrets the error.

Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

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