Vivian Campbell Reveals Def Leppard’s Plans To Play Songs They’ve “Never Ever” Performed Live While on Tour With Journey

Fans of Def Leppard are going to be in for something very special this summer. The famed metal band is kicking off their tour with Journey tomorrow in St. Louis, Missouri, and they’ve just announced that they plan to perform never-before-performed tracks on the trek.

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Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell shared a rare and endearing message on Instagram to talk about the upcoming tour. Specifically, he noted that the band was planning to perform a few songs that they hadn’t gotten around to playing live yet.

“[We’ve] got some new songs, actually, a couple of songs that we’ve never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever played live before, as well as a bunch of old chestnuts that we haven’t played for a long, long time,” said Campbell. “So that’s why we need to practice, just to make sure we don’t suck too bad.”

Why Hasn’t Def Leppard Performed These Songs Before?

It isn’t abundantly clear which songs Def Leppard will perform during their summer tour. So, it’s also not clear why they haven’t performed said songs before. That being said, the band is almost 50 years old, and they’ve released 12 studio albums throughout the years. There are bound to be a few deep cuts that haven’t made it to the stage yet. Still, the idea of hearing some old classics live for the first time is very exciting!

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Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot has previously talked about the band’s upcoming set list, though he didn’t reveal any specific tracks. “We may even have a surprise or two up our sleeves,” Elliot said in a press release.

We can’t wait to see which deep cuts the band decides to perform this summer!

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