What to Wear to a Rock Concert: 6 Ideas for Everyone

My first rock shows were at Fun Fun Fun Fest and SXSW in Austin, Texas. I was a teen, and boy was I enamored of everyone's personal style. This was peak indie sleaze era if that gives you an idea of what everyone had on. There really weren't any fans wearing band tees. I definitely understood then that it's perfectly okay to ditch wearing tour tees to the show, no matter how big a fan you are. If you're wondering what to wear to a rock concert, we've got you covered. Here are some outfit ideas for everyone.

1. A Nice Sweater for a Show & Pregame

If you're going to a heavy metal or alternative rock concert, you can never go wrong with a nice sweater (or tee) and jeans. Preferably not a wrinkled tee or flannel from your drawer, but rather something fitted and fresh. Shop Faherty for the perfect "sweater shirt." There are over 20 colors and styles to pick from. Black is nice, but check out grey seas plaid and red black gingham. You can pair these with your favorite pair of khakis or jeans. No need to look for a new wash -- the jeans you have at home will pair just fine. Faherty is a bit pricey, so consider Amazon Essentials for a similar look under $30. We recommend this sweater because it's a little dressy compared to a T-shirt. This is great if the show you're going to is at a popular venue with a cool bar to pregame at or a nearby restaurant for dinner before the show.

what to wear to a rock concert

2. A Plain Tee Perfect for Any Gig

If you're a plain tee kind of guy, here's the kind of shirt you want to go for. Especially if you love layers. Invest in your basics, y'all. You'll wear them often, so the better the quality the longer you can make use of them. This tee is great for wearing under jean jackets, leather jackets, blazers, and more. You can also make it casual with a flannel over it. Banana Republic's tees are on sale, so grab one for under $21. Pair the T-shirt with pants and shoes of your choice. A dark wash and Chelsea boots would look great, or a pair of your favorite sneakers.

what to wear to a rock concert

3. A Sweater for a Weeknight Indie Rock Show

Now, if you're going to an indie rock concert, consider going for something trendy or thrifted. An oversized sweater would work, especially if you love street style. If you're going to see The Vaccines, Arctic Monkeys, or even The Strokes, you'll feel comfy and stylish in a sweater and cargo pants. Here's a nice sweater you can wear with jeans or joggers.

what to wear to a rock concert

4. A Casual Option for Any Rock Concert

A bodysuit is always an appropriate option for a rock concert. You can layer a dressy body suit with denim or leather jacket and wear just about any bottoms with them. A skirt, pair of jeans, or high-waisted shorts will look great. Choose between 8 colors.

what to wear to a rock concert

5. A Cropped Tee for Summer Gigs

A cropped tee is a summer closet staple, so have one ready for last-minute shows. If you're planning on going to a show at a park-like venue, you'll be super comfy in a T-shirt (especially if it's hot out!). This Rolling Stones cropped shirt can be styled with a leather skirt, Y2k pants, denim shorts, and more.

what to wear to a rock concert

6. Something Sexy for Girl's Night Out

This set is something for a girl's night out. Whether you're hitting a Deftones show in L.A. or a Jack White show in Nashville with your favorite ladies, you'll be ready to hit the bar before or after the show (or both). Pair this faux leather set with a pair of lace-up boots.

what to wear to a rock concert

Also, do not forget to accessorize! Earrings, belts, beanies, and hats. That'll make all the difference, especially if you're on a budget and are shopping in your closet for something to wear.

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