What We Know About Lizzo’s ‘Watch Out for the Big Grrrls’ Reality Show

On March 25, the world will see its newest reality show dubbed the “juiciest new series of the year.”

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That’s right, Amazon will unveil the new show from the famed songwriter and performer Lizzo, called Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.

What You’ll See.

The show features a dance competition to see which full-bodied dancers will join Lizzo on an upcoming tour. The contestants will stay in a house together while going through a boot camp audition. 

Amazon Prime tweeted a preview on Twitter, writing, “This is their moment. Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls premieres March 25 on Prime Video! #LizzosBigGrrrls.

In the clip, Lizzo says, “What’s up, yall! It’s Lizzo. I’m looking for dancers to join me on my tour. Girls that look like me don’t get representation. Time to pull up my sleeves and find them myself.”

And then some of the competitors chime in. One says, “What do we have in store?” Another says, “We gotta go hard or we’re going home.” A third says, “Now I’m going into competition mode.”

Lizzo then adds, “This is the fun part.” Adding, “It’s time to show the world how we do it! Watch out for the big girls!”

Embracing her body.

Famously, Lizzo is one of the more full-bodied celebrities in the world today and it’s something she rightly doesn’t shy away from. Indeed, she embraces it. And her work has helped a number of other celebrities feel more comfortable in their own skin.

For example, Grammy-nominated artist Mary Lambert, who is also vocal about a similar cause, has been posting on Twitter of late to her many followers about the same subject, writing recently, “fat liberation or bust.”

We say kudos to them both as well as to the competitors on Lizzo’s new show! Onward!

Date, Network, Episodes.

The series premieres with 8 episodes on Amazon Prime Video on March 25.

The Full Trailer.

Check out the full trailer for Lizzo’s new show below, which includes more of the cast members, as well as some of the best outtakes, as well as some emotional moments about self-love and self-confidence—two things Lizzo has come to be known for since her rise to stardom with hits like “Truth Hurts” and “Juice.”

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