Where Has Kelly Clarkson Been All Summer? And When is She Coming Back?

For those of us who are massive Kelly Clarkson fans—fans of her daytime talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show; fans of her musical performances on said show, known as “Kellyoke”; fans of her music, and fans of The Voice—we have one question: Where has Kelly Clarkson been all summer?

Videos by American Songwriter

Well, one thing’s for sure, she’s been watching the television show, The Terminal, on Amazon Prime—that is, if we’re to believe a recent Tweet from the Grammy Award-winning songwriter and performer that read, “Do yourself a favor and watch “The Terminal List” on @PrimeVideo. I dare you not to binge-watch it.”

But, of course, there is so much more to Clarkson’s absence. Let’s dive in.

Personal Matters

Those following the singer’s career know that she recently went through a divorce with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, which included a a massive $1 million-plus payment settlement and regular “spousal support” payments of $115,000 per month (yeesh!). Arrangements were also made regarding custody of her children, with her two kids living with her full-time.

All that can take a toll on anyone.

And outside of her personal life, Clarkson has taken on new responsibilities with her daytime talk show, which include shifting over to The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘s former slot, and as the host of the new singing competition show, American Song Contest, with Snoop Dogg.

Montana Ranch

Clarkson was named sole owner of her Montana ranch following her divorce from Blackstock. She’d talked about selling the property, but now it looks like she intends to keep it in the family.

Now that he’s gone, Clarkson says she wanted to take the summer off and spend time in the Big Sky state with her kids. She told E! News:

“The first time since I’m 16 years old, I am taking my summer off. And it’s one of those things, I feel bad because things come up, but at some point, you know, you’ve just got to be able to, like, set the dates and say nothing will interfere with this time. Because it’s precious, and especially for a single, working mom, like, it’s exhausting, like you go to work and you come home. You’re constantly on, like, doing something, and it’s nice, you know?”

She added, “I’m just gonna have time with my kids out on my ranch in Montana, and we’re just gonna be doing nothing. Like, you know, riding around on four-wheelers and taking picnics, and hiking and cooking and just doing fun stuff. So you know, scavenger hunts, that kind of stuff. Like stuff we love to do that we don’t always have time when we’re balancing and juggling everything.”

The Voice

Clarkson, who has long been a popular judge and coach on the popular NBC singing competition show, The Voice, has recently said she won’t be coming back to the show for season 22. In her place will be another favored pop star, Camila Cabello.

Return To Television In The Fall

As of now, there is no return date set for either American Song Contest or for The Kelly Clarkson Show‘s return for season 4. But stay tuned. We’ll be sure to share an update and all the great “Kellyokes” from the upcoming new season.

But for those in need of more Clarkson now, check out our “Kellyoke” archive HERE.

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