Zach Bryan Keeps It Simple With Unreleased Track “Like Ida”

In just seven years, Zach Bryan released four studio albums, sold over 30 million records, and even won a Grammy Award. Wasting no time when it comes to his moment in the spotlight, the country singer continues to carve out his spot in the genre. And recently, he proved his power not only behind a mic but also the pen. While many stars release music with a special video or performance, Bryan decided to share an unreleased track by simply playing the song in a backyard. Doing away with the glitz and glamour, the singer showcased nothing but pure talent. 

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Posting the video on YouTube, fans clamored to his page to hear the song that surrounded memorable moments and lost loves. Although Bryan continues to gain fame in country music, he always remembers where he came from. Having spent years in the United States Navy, he eventually transitioned to the stage, proving his star power. 

As for “Like Ida”, fans couldn’t get enough as the video received over 87,000 views. Looking at the comments, fans wrote, “Bro! This older style is hitting home!!!!! I love when it’s just acoustic personal and with friends. Your natural setting is your aesthetic and it’s addicting bro.” Another fan added, “Zach’s acoustic music is a gem, I remember the days when he’d post with just him and his guitar, was really an experience seeing raw emotion.” And one person insisted, “Love the sound to this one. The harmonies, the melody, and those backing drums give it a real smooth throwback sound. I really appreciate this one, the back porch recording shows you’re still the same ol Zach!”

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Zach Bryan Still Carries A Flip Phone For One Reason

While enjoying his time on stage, Bryan once discussed the importance of staying grounded. Back in August 2023, the singer sat down with Joe Rogan. Speaking on fame, Bryan admitted to reverting to a flip phone. And his reasoning – “What’s freaked me out in the last year of my life has been friends of mine and people that I’ve met and things… I got a flip phone like six months ago. I called you on it. When I first started talking to you I was on my flip phone. Because I was talking to a friend of mine and they asked ‘how are you going to track and know where your friends are at?’ with the tracking on iPhones and stuff like that.”

Somewhat startled by the advancements in technology, Bryan added, “ I don’t think we’re supposed to know where we’re all at. It’s scary as shit. Why do I want you to know that I’m at my house? Even my best friends in the world… our parents never did that.”

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