‘The Voice’ Winner Asher HaVon Dazzles Hometown Crowd With Flawless Whitney Houston Rendition

Spending several years trying to break into the music industry, Asher HaVon finally found his footing at 32 when he competed on The Voice. Thanks to his amazing voice and a little help from coach Reba McEntire, the singer not only dazzled on stage but showcased the raw power of his voice. And that power helped him become the latest winner of The Voice. And enjoying his newfound stardom, HaVon recently made a special fan’s day when he performed Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” while holding her hand.

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Not wasting any time since winning The Voice, HaVon has performed several times since the show concluded. And during his recent performance in his home state of Alabama, which he shared on Instagram, the singer took the hand of a fan while singing “I Will Always Love You.” And if that wasn’t enough, he did it while squatting.

Receiving high praise from fans, some pointed to the amazing talent HaVon possessed. “Singing like that in a squat position! Good Lord, Asher! Are you even human? Your singing defies the limits of mere mortals!” One comment added, “Love your voice… I’d be mesmerized just listening to you sing the damn phone book.”

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Asher HaVon Reveals How He Struggled With Himself On ‘The Voice’

Back in May, HaVon sat down with American Songwriter to discuss his time on The Voice and how broken he was. During the Blind Auditions, the singer watched as three coaches turned their chairs. But at the time, HaVon struggled with himself. “Going into the show, I was broken. I was so broke, and I was lost. I was confused about what I was supposed to do, not understanding my destiny, even though for such a long time, I’ve been told, ‘You’re such a great singer.’ But when it doesn’t happen, you think, ‘Maybe I’m not. Maybe I should do something else.’”

Joining team Reba, HaVon quickly found his drive and purpose, insisting, “The validation that came when Reba turned her chair solidified my purpose and what I felt I was supposed to be doing—and that is singing.”

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