3 Quick Facts About Will Moseley, From College Football Star to ‘American Idol’

Will Moseley may get compared to Chris Stapleton a lot on American Idol with his blonde hair and acoustic guitar. But this 2024 finalist is one of the most unique voices we’ve heard on the show in years! Moseley is one of the top three finalists of this season of Idol, along with Abi Carter and Jack Blocker. But who is Will Moseley? Let’s look at three quick facts about the potential Idol winner.

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1. He’s a College Graduate

Moseley is from Hazelhurst, Georgia and just a year ago graduated from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro with a degree in biology. The 23-year-old has noted in the past that he wanted to give himself a year after graduating to pursue music before looking for work in the biology world. Moseley has said that it’s been “better than he had ever imagined” now that he’s positioned to win this season of American Idol.

2. He Was a “Late Bloomer”

When it comes to being a musician, some fans of the show might be surprised to learn that Moseley is a bit of a late bloomer. He didn’t start learning to play guitar until he started attending college.

“I was on YouTube learning how to play the guitar,” Moseley said in an interview. “And someone said if you sing, it will help your rhythm playing guitar.”

It wasn’t until a few pals heard him sing that he started getting positive feedback. From there, he began focusing on writing and performing music.

3. He Used To Be a Football Player

Moseley certainly has the look of both a country singer and a decent football player. The six-foot-four contestant played offensive line at Maryville College on the Maryville Scots team before he transferred to Georgia Southern University. He played two full seasons. After suffering from multiple concussions during his tenure as a footballer, he decided to drop the sport in favor of music.

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