‘American Idol’ Winner Abi Carter Debuts on the ‘Billboard’ Charts but Is Outdone by Runner-up Will Moseley

Abi Carter won this past season of American Idol, which began with her haunting rendition of Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” in her audition. Now, she has risen to the occasion and made her Billboard chart debut with an original song, “This Isn’t Over.”

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The single debuted at No. 23 on the Digital Song Sales chart and sold 2,436 copies, according to reports from Forbes and Luminate. While the chart is strictly sales-based and doesn’t track things like streaming numbers, it’s still an impressive feat for the newly-crowned champion.

Additionally, Will Moseley, the American Idol runner-up, also debuted on the Digital Song Sales cart alongside Carter. He actually managed to rise above the winner this time, as his song “Good Book Bad” debuted at No. 14 with 3,457 copies sold.

While this is Carter’s first appearance on a Billboard chart, it’s not the only appearance for Moseley. He landed on the Country Digital Song Sales chart in March with his song “Gone For Good” following his audition. The song debuted at No. 13 at the time, joining two other debuts—Kacey Musgraves’ “Deeper Well” at No. 10, and Keith Urban’s “Messed Up As Me” at No. 14.

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Abi Carter and Will Moseley Both Debut on a Billboard Chart This Week as the Two Plan Their Next Moves After American Idol

Will Moseley is continuing on from American Idol with a renewed sense of purpose, even though he didn’t win. Though he became runner-up behind Abi Carter, he doesn’t consider it a loss. Contrary to coming in second, he’s moving his way up in the music world quickly.

Moseley will be opening for Zac Brown Band in New York on June 2, and he recently spoke to Parade about his goals before and after American Idol.

“Coming out of college, I thought about getting a job but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t give myself a year,” he said, explaining that he took a year off to pursue music in order to figure out if it was the right choice for him. He added, “I think for me that year mark rolling around at the season finale and me still being in it, that’s the special part.”

As for Abi Carter, her immediate plan after winning the show was “going home, taking a shower, maybe watching Friends.” After that, she told People, “I want to start releasing songs ASAP. I’ve been writing for so long now and I can’t wait to put something out in the world that I so fully believe in.” She continued, “Not that the other ones that I’ve put out have not because they do, but I think it’ll be just a little bit different and I’m really excited for it.”

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