Billie Joe Armstrong Welcomes Courtney Love on Stage To Cover Classic Tom Petty, Cheap Trick Tunes

For most fans, they know Billie Joe Armstrong as the lead singer for the hit band Green Day. But while the band continues to perform around the world and sold over 75 million albums, the singer is also part of another band called The Coverups. Much like the name states, the main objective of the band is to cover famous songs. With a recent performance in London, Armstrong did more than entertain fans as he called the iconic Courtney Love to the stage to help him cover classic songs like “Even the Losers” and “Surrender”. 

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Known for surprising fans with impromptu concerts, The Coverups took over The Garage in Islington on Tuesday night. Stepping on stage, Armstrong announced, “We’re The Coverups, we play cover songs. This is the kind of stuff that we do at home. We’re just friends who get together and we hang out, and it’s just glorified karaoke.”

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Not caring about making history or money, Armstrong and The Coverups focused on nothing more than having a great night full of memorable moments. And that is exactly what happened as they performed songs like “A Million Miles Away”, “Message of Love”, “I Fought the Law”, and numerous others. But the main draw of the evening was when Love appeared on stage. 

Thanking Armstrong for the opportunity, Love stepped up to the mic to reintroduce herself to fans as if they had forgotten who she was. “My name is Courtney Love – you may not remember me. I’ve been living in a cave in Birmingham for about nine years. We’ll give this a f**king try, right?”

Fans Shower Courtney Love With Praise

After performing alongside Armstrong and The Coverups, Love simply left the stage, announcing “Later… I’ll be back in Hole.” Gaining fame for forming the band Hole, the singer also made headlines over the years due to her marriage with the legendary Kurt Cobian. 

Fans enjoyed the performance and even showered Love with praise. Comments included, ‘She’s amazing”, and “She still got it.” 

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As for Green Day, they prepare for for an upcoming world tour featuring their newest album Saviors, which was released back in January 2024. But for now, The Coverup will perform another show on March 1 at The 100 Club. 

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