Blink-182 Releases Catchy New Single “Fell in Love” Ahead of Highly-Anticipated New Album ‘One More Time…’

Blink-182 is a week away from releasing their long-awaited album One More TimeThe album will see the band’s original lineup coming back together in the studio for the first time since Tom DeLonge left the band more than a decade ago. Yesterday, they released the latest single “Fell in Love” as well as a new trailer for the album.

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“Fell in Love” plays like a failed relationship. In the beginning, it’s a bubbly, happy song. Before long, though, longing and resentment replace the happiness. The big surf beat, synth riffs, and bouncing guitars make this sound like it would have been all over the radio before DeLonge left the band.

With this track, Blink-182 is showcasing the kind of catchy pop-punk that brought them lasting popularity. At the same time, they expertly capture the ups and downs of the dating scene.

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Lines like Do you remember the night you came over? / Playin’ songs, layin’ on my shoulder / We made out til the sun came up / Do you remember the time we fell in love? embody the bliss of a new relationship when even the smallest details are special. Then, things take a turn for the worst and only the longing is left: It’s fuckin’ with my head / Now we can never pretend that we can only be friends.

The band came back together after Mark Hoppus received a cancer diagnosis. It’s clear that his health struggle affected everyone in the band. As a result, Blink-182 went into the studio with a different outlook on life. In the trailer for the album, Hoppus discussed his current mindset. “If anything, the past 30 years has taught us all that you have to enjoy the times that we’re together and take these blessings and support one another and be kind and just go out there and be true to ourselves.”

The band plans to release on more single, “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got” ahead of the album. The single comes next Wednesday, October 18. The album drops next Friday, October 20.

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Photo by Rory Kramer, Courtesy of Columbia Records

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