Bodie Transforms The Proclaimers’ 1988 Hit “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” on ‘The Voice’

Vying for his spot in the Top 10 of The Voice, Southern California native Bodie transformed The Proclaimers’ 1988 hit “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” into an unrecognizable song.

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Following his more tender, stripped-back rendition of the song, Bodie’s coach Blake Shelton, called the singer and songwriter a “visionary.”

“Once again, Bodie has taken a song that we all know and he’s Bodie-izing it,” said Shelton. “You almost don’t realize what song that is until you get to the chorus.”

Bodie admitted that The Proclaimers’ song was actually his and his wife’s wedding song.

Originally released on The Proclaimers’ second album, Sunshine on Leith, in 1988, “500 Miles” became an even bigger hit for the Scottish sibling duo of Charlie and Craig Reid after being featured in the 1993 Johnny Depp comedy romance drama Benny & Joon.

“Sometimes in music, an artist comes along that’s so different and brilliant that people miss it,” Shelton told Bodie. “Maybe it’s over their head; maybe the timing is wrong. But then sometimes it happens like it’s happening right now for you.”

Shelton added, “People get it. They’re connecting with it, and it’s exactly what we all need.”

Photos: Trae Patton/NBC

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