Breland Forced To Cancel Concert After Freak Highway Accident

While Breland broke into the music industry just five years ago, the singer wasted no time proving his talents. Sharing his love for genres like R&B, country rap, gospel, and soul music, the musician beautifully blended the music to create his own sound. Songs like “My Truck” caused Breland to gain fame as it reached No. 26 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. Having his music streamed over 150 million times, the star recently canceled one of his upcoming shows due to a freak accident on the road. 

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On April 5, Breland was scheduled to perform at The Golden Record in St. Louis. With fans excited to see the singer, Breland made his way to the venue. The only problem, fans learned that the show was canceled before it even started. Sharing the news online, Breland explained how his band’s trailer broke off from the vehicle and crashed. While none of the band was injured, the equipment took a tumble. 

Posting an update on his Instagram, Breland apologized to fans, writing, “St Louis! I’m so sorry, but we will no longer be able to perform for you tonight. Our trailer broke off of our bus and flew down the side of the highway, damaging our equipment. We’re devastated by this turn of events, but it is beyond our control. Ticket holders will be contacted by the original point of purchase with further information.”

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Fans Rally Around Breland After Accident

While no performer enjoys canceling concerts, Breland received a mountain of love from fans. Although not able to watch his performance, many shared their thanks that he and his band were not injured during the accident. Gaining thousands of likes, comments included, “Ohhhhhh noooooo. That is so scary!!!! I’m so sorry. Thank Goodness y’all are ok but I know that kind of damage is a huge blow. I’ll be thinking about you.” Another person added, “Hopefully no one was hurt and the equipment can be replaced. Sending love and positivity your way .” And one fan put, “Oh nooo. So sorry this happened! But glad y’all are safe though. Although expensive equipment can be replaced.” 

Thankful for the response from fans, Breland continues to expand his career in music and while not able to perform, the singer is sure to be back on stage in no time. 

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for BRELAND & Friends)

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