Guitar Center Debuts “Make Music” Video Series Featuring H.E.R. and Other Artists Discussing Music Creativity

Guitar Center launches “Make Music,” a new video series campaign featuring 25 artists discussing the driving forces behind their creativity and why they make music. The series runs through December 24.

The first episode, premiering today, features the artist H.E.R., who recently launched her first signature guitar collaboration with Fender. You can read our exclusive interview with H.E.R., where she discusses songwriting and her collaboration with Fender, and our review, in our special digital cover edition here.

“Music is everything, and it’s a language everybody speaks,” she states in the campaign video. “Growing up my dad had a cover band when I was a little girl, and they would rehearse in our living room. My playlist goes from N.W.A. to Sly & the Family Stone to Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Carlos Santana, Prince, Lauryn Hill, Jimi Hendrix. It all inspires me to make it my own and have fun with it.”

Watch the Guitar Center video below:

Subsequent videos will feature a range of artists across all music genres, as well as exclusive musical content from a selection of groundbreaking artists.

“The past year has presented many challenges, but it is clear that the importance of music as a means of comfort has become more and more front-and-center,” said Jeannine D’Addario, Guitar Center’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. “With the ‘Make Music’ campaign, we wanted to get inside the minds of the artists that we all admire and hear from them on what music means to them. We hope that visitors to our website and subscribers to our YouTube channel find a lot of wisdom and joy in these videos leading up to the end of this very stressful, trying year. Every one of these artists has a different perspective, but there is a common thread across all of their testimonials: music is how they express themselves to the world, and it’s an emotional release and a celebration.”

In addition to showcasing musicians and music influencers on its social channels, Guitar Center is asking musicians of all skill levels to share why they make music by creating a video and posting it to social media using the hashtag #WhyWeMakeMusic. For more information, visit

Download our special Fender H.E.R. digital edition here.

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