Jack Johnson Granted Restraining Order Against Fan

Jack Johnson has been seeking legal protection from a female fan and was recently granted a five-year restraining order.

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The order of protection against the fan started with a temporary restraining order granted in October. TMZ reported the woman had been repeatedly “hounding” the “Better Together” singer, “popping” up at his shows and attempting to get close to him with VIP tickets.

An escalation came in August of this year when the fan reportedly confronted Johnson at the Houston, Texas, hotel he was staying at while on tour. He claimed she got in his face which resulted in police intervention and her eventual detainment.

Johnson said these instances have been occurring for several years with his legal team sending her cease-and-desist warnings to no avail. The singer said he has been “worried for his safety.”

Last week, Johnson testified in a Los Angeles hearing to have the temporary order extended. Now, TMZ reports, under the five-year restraining order, the fan must steer clear of Johnson, his wife, and their 16-year-old child. The order will expire in 2027.

Johnson has been touring the world in support of his eighth studio album, 2022’s Meet the Moonlight.

“A lot of [my] style comes from me trying to play non-folk music in a folky style,” he described his work in conversation with American Songwriter. “Over the years, it kind of became a natural thing without me even trying. Your own limitations sometimes help define you.”

Johnson is a go-with-the-flow kind of artist in tune with the Pacific Ocean. The singer/songwriter previously explained that the ocean has become his lifelong songwriting companion and the greatest musical informer and heart of his sound. “It’s the ultimate rhythm in my life,” Johnson said. “The one I always hear whether I try to or not.”

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