Jelly Roll & Bunnie Xo Come to Student’s Aid After School Suspends Them for a Drawing

Bunnie Xo and her husband Jelly Roll is coming to one middle school student’s defense. The school suspended the student over a drawing of the pair.

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An unnamed middle school Rutherford County, Tennessee suspended a student after she drew both Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo. The school assigned a project of drawing someone who had influenced the student. The student picked the pair thanks to their redemptive story and acts of kindness. However, the school chose to suspend the student for the way that the student drew Bunnie Xo.

Taking to Facebook, Bunnie cast light on the suspension. She pointed out to her followers that it was unfair to suspend the student over the drawing.

She wrote in the initial post, “Y’all I need your help. There is a little girl who did a project on J & I.. she picked us because of all we’ve been thru & our resilience. 😭 For the project she drew a picture of us, THE SCHOOL SUSPENDED HER because of how she drew us! 😡 She’s in middle school! How dare they shame a child like this. Please help me find her parents & her, J & I have something we want to do for them. 🤍 She lives in Tennessee.”

This kicked off ongoing and developing drama on Facebook. The school urged Bunnie to take down the post, initially denying the suspension according to the celeb. However, Bunnie got in contact with the student and her family.

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo Plan to Help Student

She’s standing by the mother and her daughter, saying that the mother has evidence of the suspension. Additionally, the mother told Bunnie that her daughter had been a target for bullies at the school and had previously had her wrist broken. After the incident, the mother said the school refused to help.

Bunnie wrote, “Now that my husband & I have stepped in, the school is saying the child is lying. This honestly breaks my heart & my husband & I’s intentions behind this is to drop merch w the child’s picture she drew & give all the proceeds to that family.”

Jelly Roll and Bunnie plan to sell merchandise to help the student and her family. Bunnie also shared a comment from the school asking her to take down the posts. However, Bunnie is standing by the family

She wrote, “I truly want to make a difference for this little girl & all the little girls/boys who were like me that weren’t allowed to talk about being bullied.”

She continued, “For me it started in my own home, being abused by my stepmother my entire life until I left home at 14. That in return made me an angry child that lashed out & bullied other people. It’s an extremely vicious cycle that gets repeated over & over.”

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